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Polar Unite is an entry level and waterproof fitness watch, with a 1.2 inch colour screen, wrist-based heart rate and connected GPS.

It is loaded with features like advanced sleep tracking guided breathing exercises, fitness recommendations, and in-depth analysis.

Connected GPS

With only 32g, it is a good substitute for activity trackers. However, it allows you to use the mobile phone’s GPS, without a built-in GPS. If you are not cycling or running outdoors frequently, connected GPS is perfectly valid.

More than 100 sports

The slim and round design comes with other features include guided daily workouts, recovery monitoring, and sport-specific tracking for 100 different fitness activities including cycling, running, swimming, and yoga.

Animated instructions

It also provides animated instructions for helpful guidance for strength, cardio, and supportive training, while timers, instructions, and vibrations guide you through the workout, keeping you on track.

Real-time training stats

During exercise, it’s critical that you have access to simple, instant data and insights to keep you going. Polar Unite provides real-time training stats that allow you to visualise the effort of your workout and easily see if you’re under or overdoing it.

Immediate insights

Following each workout, Polar Unite offers immediate insights about time spent in certain heart rate zones, how many calories you burned, and how much strain your training session put on your cardiovascular system, making it easy to track and monitor progress over time.

Sleep tracking

You can track your sleep stages and cycles and get detailed insights into your sleep quality with a Sleep Score each morning. Polar Unite also offers insight into your sleep and recovery, showing you how well you slept and how well your autonomic nervous system recovered.

Heart rate measurements

Continuous heart rate measurements provide more in-depth insight into how your body responded to daily activities and sleep. Combined with activity information, it can help you to learn what are the most meaningful physical activity moments during your day.

In conclusion, Polar Unite has almost all the basics you need, to which all the advanced features offered by Polar are added. But if you are an active outdoor enthusiast, this fitness track should not be an option as it doesn’t offer an internal GPS.

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