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The Adidas Ultraboost has been a shoe that every runner is constantly anticipating every year. Whether or not the design has been changed, whether or not the midsole has been injected more boost, whether or not the weight has been reduced, and more. The latest performance technology is always exciting.

Developed by a team of leading adidas designers and product developers, the Ultraboost 21 came to life via a series of close testing with the adidas running community, which assisted in the creation of the new silhouette, which reimagined the original Ultraboost to deliver a bold new design combined with the latest in performance technology. 

Boost Midsole

Compared to the Ultraboost 20, the biggest difference is in the design. It is visually more appealing than the Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost 20. The Ultraboost 21 has the new aesthetic and has 6% more Boost material in the midsole to provide runners with the perfect mix of support and comfort.

Having worn the shoe for several running sessions, it undeniably offers a great amount of cushion and is one of the perfect shoes for everyday training runs, especially if you are logging lots of miles daily. It is just ideal for long-distance training as well as shorter runs.

Primeknit Upper

The Ultraboost 21 features Primeknit upper which provides a sock-like wrap around the foot, holding it in place. It has a more precise knit designed and forged for incredible support and enhanced movement, combining pure comfort with lightweight performance.

With a tongue-free, sock-like construction, the upper clings snugly around the mid foot offering a perfect lockdown. The lacing system runs through the plastic cage on either side of the upper. It locks the foot in tightly to a supportive heel counter and the shoe stays put perfectly throughout a run.

Adidas has been incorporating sustainable element into its products. The upper is made with Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material containing at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic, reinforcing the adidas 2015 brand commitment to sustainability. This makes the Adidas Ultraboost 21 the most sustainable Ultraboost model to date. 

Adidas LEP Torsion System

The Adidas Ultraboost 21 is the first shoe to feature the new Adidas LEP torsion system, which is the newly redesigned ‘Linear Energy Push’ torsion system with stiffer, reinforced material in the midsole to provide runners with less flex in the forefoot and increased responsiveness.

As opposed to embedding it in the midsole, the Adidas LEP is fitted to the outsole and provides a 15% increase in forefoot bending stiffness. Basically, it keeps your feet in line by making the forefoot stiffer but without making the midsole stiff. When you bend the shoe, you will notice how much stiffer and springier it becomes.

The Verdict

The shoe with its incremental improvements is a pair of quite stable and steady shoe. Apart from being visually more aesthetic, more modern and sleek, it is so much springier with more responsive ride transitions.

However, the one downside to all of this is that it weighs slightly heavier compared to previous Ultraboost models. The few extra grams do not make a big difference, therefore the Ultraboost 21 still delivers what it is great at – the comfort, responsiveness, and stability.

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