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From left to right: Esther Joy Chen, Ann Pow, and Nur Fitri Najwa

As winter fades and cherry blossoms adorn Nagoya’s streets, thousands of women flock to the city for the Nagoya Women’s Marathon and the invigorating Nagoya City Marathon, each pulsating with energy and purpose.

Three exceptional individuals, former SEA Games athletes Ann Pow and Esther Joy Chen, alongside running influencer Nur Fitri Najwa, affectionately known as Kak Fit, participated in the event as representatives of New Balance Malaysia.

Ann Pow, a triathlete with a heart of steel and a spirit of resilience, approached the Nagoya Women’s Marathon with fierce determination that inspired all who witnessed her journey.

For Ann, this race wasn’t just about breaking personal records, it was about transcending boundaries, defying expectations, and unlocking her full potential.

With her previous personal best standing at 3:33:33, Ann knew that achieving her goal of finishing the Nagoya Women’s Marathon in sub-3:30 demanded an exceptional commitment. She dedicated extensive hours to her training, going above and beyond to ensure success at the event.

Standing at the starting line, Ann felt a thrilling anticipation among her fellow runners. This was her moment to exceed her own limits. With determination, she navigated Nagoya’s streets, tapping into her inner strength with every step.

Every step was a battle against doubt, fatigue, and discomfort, yet she refused to falter – not when she had come this far, not when she could taste victory within her grasp. Ann’s focus remained unbroken as the kilometres melted beneath her feet, her resolve unwavering.

As Ann crossed the finish line, a whirlwind of exhilaration and triumph engulfed her, washing over her like a tidal wave of emotion – a surge of pride, accomplishment, and pure joy.

With the clock flashing 3:20, she realized that not only had she shattered her previous personal best, but she had also far surpassed her own expectations.

Basking in the glow of her remarkable achievement, Ann understood that no obstacle could ever hinder her dreams – not when she possessed the heart of a champion and the indomitable spirit of a true warrior.

Esther Joy Chen, on the other hand, took a unique approach to the Nagoya City Marathon.

Renowned for her consistent excellence in triathlons, the 21-year-old triathlete embarked on her inaugural official half-marathon race at the Nagoya City Marathon.

Opting not to set a specific target for the race, her main objective was to deliver her best performance and finish the race strong.

Despite the freezing temperatures, Esther demonstrated remarkable adaptability and acclimatized faster to Nagoya’s 1-degree Celcius weather.

In contrast to the tropical conditions of her native Malaysia, Esther performed exceptionally well and experienced no discomfort during the race.

Maintaining a steady pace throughout the race, Esther crossed the finish line with an impressive time of 1:24, securing an unexpected 8th position in her debut half-marathon race.

Unbeknownst to her, Esther’s first half marathon placed her just one step away from breaking the half marathon national record, with only 4 seconds shy of the current mark.

Fueled by this near miss, the determined athlete is eager to participate in her next half-marathon race, with the fervent goal of breaking the record.

And then there’s Nur Fitri Najwa, affectionately known as Kak Fit by her devoted followers – a source of inspiration in the Malaysian running community.

With her infectious passion and indomitable spirit, Kak Fit has become a guiding light for aspiring runners in Malaysia.

With her contagious enthusiasm and unwavering determination, Kak Fit has emerged as a guiding force for aspiring runners in Malaysia.

For her, participating in the Nagoya City Marathon wasn’t just a race, it served as a platform to empower others, share her love for running, and motivate newcomers to chase their dreams relentlessly.

The amateur runner, who finds pure joy in running, set her sights on a sub-1:59 finish.

Despite facing the frigid and blustery weather conditions that tested her perseverance, she pushed herself towards the finish line. Confronting the headwind in the final kilometres, she refused to give up.

As she crossed the finish line in sub-2:00, Kak Fit felt a surge of happiness and emotion. Despite the weather-induced struggles she endured throughout the race, she was proud to have achieved her goal and overcome the obstacles.

In Nagoya, where dreams took flight and boundaries were shattered, these three women proved that running is much more than simply putting one foot in front of the other.

It embodies a celebration of the human spirit, a testament to the power of resilience, and a reminder that, no matter where you come from or what challenges you face, anything is possible when you run with purpose, passion, and determination.

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