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2016 was the year when Malaysians were fascinated by track cycling.

Back in August 2016, a Pocket Rocket Man was born. Azizulhasni Awang took Malaysia’s first Olympic cycling medal at the Rio Olympic Games.

In April 2017, the national track cycling ace put up an intense ride en route to earning Malaysia’s first-ever gold at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Hong Kong. 

With another piece of medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the silver medalist Azizulhasni Awang became the only Malaysian to bag two Olympic medals in cycling.

Image via Umar Shafiz


Cycling on wooden tracks has drawn large crowds for many years.

Have you ever wondered what it truly feels like to be spinning your wheels on the spectacular velodrome?

Unlike road cycling or mountain biking, track cycling can only be done in the velodrome, unfortunately, in Malaysia, is not easily accessible. It is a thrilling sport, which requires a fast pace, technical skills, and most importantly, a track bike.

Even for seasoned road cyclists or mountain bikers, venturing into the velodrome for the first can be fairly nerve-racking. However, with proper guidance and a skilled coach, the evergrowing sport will be introduced to more like-minded cyclists and elevated to another level.


Super Keirin aims to turn novices into intermediate track cyclists.

The first-ever track cycling academy in Malaysia is dedicated to promoting track cycling to the public.

If you’re ever interested in expanding your cycling experience, Super Keirin is the perfect step towards exploring and gaining competency in track cycling.

Through Super Keirin you will be provided with an accessible platform to learn valuable skills from a former professional cyclist and now cycling coach on how to ride on the velodrome.

This could be your first-ever track cycling experience. Super Keirin offers taster sessions and regular sessions, which are open to all young adults and up and all levels of abilities. As long as you know how to ride a bike, the rest is good to go!


In order to be the best, you must learn from the best.

If you’re wondering who will be coaching Super Keirin, it’s Datuk Ng Joo Ngan who has dedicated his whole life to coaching and cycling development.

The experience and knowledge that the holder of several titles – Datuk Ng Joo Ngan has gained throughout his career surely will give a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to you.

Some of the significant career achievements by the former national cyclist include becoming the national champion for the 40km individual time trial and 25km criterium race in 1968, gold medalist for the 200km road race in the 1970 Asian Games, and silver medalist for the 100km road race in the 1973 SEAP Games.

The Sportsman of the Year 1970 is also the head coach of the Kuala Lumpur Cycling Team.


Anyone can take the opportunity to enjoy cycling and riding on the track.

To be able to taste the footsteps of Olympic athletes, Super Keirin offers taster sessions and regular sessions with Datuk Ng Joo Ngan on hand to give tips and advice, ensuring the sessions run smoothly.

During the taster sessions, you will be introduced to the basic principles and safety guidelines of track cycling. These sessions are aimed at getting you familiar with riding a fixed-wheel bike before progressing onto the track. You will be given full instructions on controlling the bike and riding on the steeply banked wooden track at the Velodrome Cheras.

After you’ve improved skills and confidence from the taster sessions, you will be able to meet the criteria of riding at the first-class UCI-accreditated velodrome. Regular sessions will taken place at the Nilai National Velodrome, which is eligible for riders who have already participated in at least 3 taster sessions.

When you’ve become more independent, riding on the Nilai National Velodrome will get slightly tougher and more challenging. Again Datuk Ng Joo Ngan will ensure you get to the stage you can safely move on to the 42-degree banked bends and 13-degree banked straights. Accelerating in and out of the saddle and completing a track tour will add more fun to your riding experience!

Track bike rentals are available. For more information, you can view and book sessions via https://www.instagram.com/super.keirin/

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