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Malaysia Pro Cycling (MPC) is making its debut appearance at the esteemed Tour Gateh d’Tranung, scheduled from September 3rd to 8th 2023, challenging Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team (TSG) on its home turf.

MPC, last year’s Best Team winner with Team Sapura Cycling, returns as underdogs this year, armed with fresh strategies and new faces for a challenging race.

MPC has adopted a fresh approach by including three mountain bike (MTB) riders to represent the team this season – Ahmad Syazrin Awang Ilah (sprinter), Muhammad Syawal Mazlin (climber), and Muhammad Zahin Wahi (all-rounder).

Ahmad Syazrin and Syawal represented Malaysia in the MTB events at the Cambodia Sea Games last May.

Three more riders – Muhammad Faiz Fakhri Omar, Muhamad Saari Amri Abd Rasim, and Akmal Hakim Zakaria – are former Team Sapura Cycling riders.

MPC’s team manager, Mohd Sayuti Bin Mohd Zahit, stated, “Our target is to stand on the podium, which we aim to achieve through our sprinter Ahmad Syazrin. He is also capable of competing in the climbing zone.

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