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While the Under Armour Infinite Elite introduces itself as a fresh addition to the maximalist trainer category, it retains the familiar firmness and lack of responsiveness typical of Under Armour shoes.

What sets it apart is its notably thick midsole coupled with a subtle rocker design, which aids in hastening transitions. However, its hefty weight and limited energy return mean that it performs adequately only during easy runs.


The Under Armour Infinite Elite forgoes a traditional plate, relying instead on its naturally stiff midsole for support.

The thick forefoot and dense foam contribute to this stiffness, enabling the rocker mechanism to function effectively.

Before even slipping them on, it’s evident from the generous midsole size that these shoes provide ample cushioning.

With a heel stack height of 36mm and an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, you’re left with 28mm of foam supporting your forefoot—dimensions that firmly position the shoe in the maximally cushioned category.

What sets these shoes apart is the incorporation of the new HOVR+ foam by Under Armour, promising enhanced energy return and a responsive, buoyant sensation while running.

Additionally, the widened midsole shape around the heel serves to distribute the height evenly and enhances lateral stability.


Without a comfortable upper, all the cushioning in the world would be futile.

The Infinite Elite addresses this concern with its IntelliKnit technology – an intricately knitted upper designed with varied textures depending on the foot area it envelops.

Perforations above the toe box ensure breathability, while reinforced sections along the sides enhance durability.

Furthermore, ridges connecting the midsole to the laces contribute to a secure, locked-in sensation around the midfoot, bolstered by an internal elastic sleeve that connects the tongue to the footbed.

The Infinite Elite doesn’t skimp on comfort, with its foam-padded ankle collar and tongue providing a plush step-in experience right from the start.

Notably, the laces boast impressive grip, I even tested them by tying them just once during my runs, and they never came loose.


Thanks to its firm ride, the Infinite Elite offers excellent stability, supplemented by subtle under-arch support that benefits runners with flat feet.

Initially, the pronounced arch may feel prominent during the first few runs, but it gradually softens and becomes less noticeable after approximately 20 kilometres of breaking in.

In terms of durability, the Infinite Elite surpasses expectations. Its robust outsole rubber and hard-wearing exposed HOVR+ foam ensure longevity.

So far, durability has proven commendable, with no anticipated issues. Running the shoes on wet surfaces post-rain revealed above-average traction; while it performed well on most terrains, it exhibited slight slipperiness on stone paths.


To sum up, the Under Armour Infinite Elite stands out as a top choice for its abundant cushioning, comfort, and luxurious feel. It’s an ideal everyday trainer, perfectly tailored to effortlessly tackle long, easy, and recovery runs, making each mile feel smooth and enjoyable.

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