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Sport sunglasses should stay put.

The lenses might feature the latest sun-shielding technology, but if the frames slide down your face as soon as you break into a brisk walk, they won’t go the distance.

So, lightweight frames with grip in the right places are a priority, and an anti-fog aspect – a special lens coating or ventilated design is crucial for sweatier activities.

When it comes to the lenses, ultraviolet (UV) light-blocking options are obviously a must. Scratch-resistant, anti-reflective options that increase contrast levels to enhance your surroundings can make a huge difference to an outdoor workout.

At the simplest level, the function of sunglasses is to block the sun rays. This means that your eyes are more comfortable. In fact, a very important function is that sunglasses should also block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Photochromic lenses which darken automatically when exposed to sunlight are also a bonus. The very best sport sunglasses are also street-appropriate, so you can transition from park to pub seamlessly.

When you do your exercise, you want to be as comfortable as possible. This means comfortable shoes, clothes, and of course eyewear.

Rubbing irritations can be caused by poorly designed sport sunglasses. You want sports sunglasses that will not rub. This is achieved by:

  • Having soft rubber nose pieces and soft rubber temple arms which reduce skin irritation.
  • Having adjustable nose pieces and temple arms which make the sport sunglasses stickier and less likely to move on your face.

These two features should be standard for a pair of good sports sunglasses.

AirFly is a type of sports sunglasses that do not have a nosepad.

You can wear these sunglasses without any stress or pressure on your nose.

AirFly sunglasses are held securely onto the face by side pads instead of a nosepad.

As a result, AirFly sunglasses can even fit any nose shape. These sunglasses are also good for women because no imprint or trace is left around the nose.

For ladies, you can apply your face cream without worrying sunglasses slip off of the nose. AirFly frames do not put pressure on your nose, so you can do your workout with complete comfort.

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