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When you’ve decided to take on a yoga journey, you have to be serious.

Some people may ask, “What kind of clothing am I supposed to wear for yoga?”

There’s nothing worse than performing yoga in an uncomfortable piece of clothing. Yoga clothing simply has to be breathable, flexible, and comfortable. You wouldn’t want to stretch in saggy or tight outfit that binds and chafes.

You can achieve a right balance of breathability, flexibility, and comfort in the Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit. This simple yet stylish yoga jumpsuit is made from Nike Infinalon fabric that feels irresistibly soft and smooth, while providing a gentle compressive feel as your breathe, stretch, and move.

Some forms of yoga can be vigorous, you definitely want to put on clothing that absorbs sweat and stretches well. This yoga jumpsuit is designed with a seam down the centre to help you align your post. When you perform yoga, the breathable accents on the chest and down the thighs help you stay cool.

Yoga usually involves stretching, bending, binding, and rolling. It’s important to wear moisture-wicking and stretchable materials to keep up with these movements. The Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit is made from perfectly uniform threads, which allows you to stretch in any direction.

The ultimate material Infinalon is woven with a uniquely breathable knit, which makes the fabric feel really light and soft on your skin. The pattern of the knit also lets the air flow through, which keeps you cool when your training heats up. Working out in this piece means you can be flexible and stretch as much as possible, and also can hold those longer poses without your waistband digging in.

Most of all, when you are exercising in a clothing that makes you feel comfortable, you will eventually feel more confident and motivated for your workout.

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