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Yusof Hafizi made history in Malaysian Para Cycling by establishing a new time record of 22:33s and securing the bronze medal in the men’s C1 time trial at the 2024 Para Cycling Road World Cup in Adelaide, Australia.

This achievement is a significant milestone, as he became the first Malaysian Para athlete to claim a medal at the Para Cycling Road World Cup.

The gold medal went to the Spanish cyclist, Ricardo Ten Argiles, who clocked a time of 21:32.27s, while the German representative, Pierre Senska, claimed the silver medal with a recorded time of 21:32.27s.

Meanwhile, the coach of the national para cycling squad, Sallehudin Mohd Noh, stated that this achievement provides an opportunity for Mohamad Yusof to accumulate qualification points to secure a slot at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

To qualify for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, Mohamad Yusof needs to accumulate at least 1322.5 qualification points, with only one slot available for Malaysian cyclists at the prestigious event scheduled to begin next August.

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