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If braving 500 kilometers of snow, ice, and freezing winter temperatures sounds crazy to you, ultra runner Jeff Lau’s attempt to run the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra simply takes everyone’s breath away.

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra will take place on snowmobile trails in Swedish Lapland. Start and finish are in the small town of Överkalix, in the Swedish province of Norbotten.

The athlete will go in a loop from Överkalix to the north and then back again to Överkalix, crossing the Arctic Circle twice, attempting a 500km foot race across tundra forest, frozen lakes, and rivers of the Swedish Lapland.

Jeff Lau gets his sled fixed, and running gears ready.

It is hard to imagine braving fresh snow, extremely coldness, strong wind over a course of 10 days amidst bone-chilling temperature that can drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius. But Jeff is going to do it all in the name of AIDS.

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2022 will start on March 6th and finish on March 16th.

Stay tuned to catch more of Jeff’s updates!

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