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When it comes to running, strength training, or all kinds of workout styles, you will want to make sure you’re wearing a sports bra specifically made for high-intensity activities.

If you breasts aren’t properly supported, this can lead to stretching, sagging and even back and neck issues over time. A sports bra is designed to give you maximum coverage across your bust, extra padding for comfort, and increased support for high-intensity activities.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra wicks sweat to keep you dry and comfortable, while the compression fit provides you with a locked-in feel and minimise bounce. The racerback straps allow for an optimal range of motion, and the removable padding has been redesigned to reliably stay in place while you work out.

Let’s face it: Pad problems are real in women’s sports bras.

It happens so frequently that the closet filled with dislodged pads from the washing machine! Removable sports bra pad inserts either bunch up, fall out or move while putting the bra on, running or removing it.

How the Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad System solves two uneven, misplaced or misshapen pads?

The updated Nike Swoosh bra has top-loading functionality. The pad is designed to keep your shape without losing its place when in motion.

The One Piece Pad is exactly as it name implies: It’s a composite foam bra cup, just the one that supports both breasts instead of having two individual bra cups.

The One Piece Pad has good form without being overly padded and can easily be slotted into or removed from the sports bra from a nifty top pocket.

Once removed, the top pocket can function as storage for keys, cards and other small items to free your hands from while you go about crushing your fitness goals.

Once the sports bra comes out of the wash, inserting the pad back into the bra and adjusting them till they sit right is a sport all on its own.

The foam construction of the One Piece Pad is molded and edited by size, using a stronger fabric once hitting a certain size to ensure optimal support. The end goal is to really solve the pad problem across the board.

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