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In the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM) 2023, Brooks, the Official Partner, will be providing the event’s Pacers with a full set of running gear.

This year marks a significant milestone as the premier distance running event in Malaysia features its largest-ever group of Pacers, including the introduction of Pacers for the 10km category.

A total of 40 Official Pacers were selected. A team of 24 Pacers will be supporting runners in the Full Marathon category, ensuring they stay on track and motivated throughout the race.

Additionally, 8 Pacers will be on duty for the Half Marathon, providing guidance and encouragement to participants on their journey.

Excitingly, the 10km category will also witness the inclusion of 8 Pacers for the first time, further enhancing the experience for runners at every stage of the KLSCM 2023.

With this expanded group of Pacers, participants in all categories can look forward to an even more enriching and empowering race day.

Pacers are indispensable in distance running events. They act as guides and motivators, maintaining a consistent pace and helping runners avoid common pitfalls.

With their valuable support, they encourage participants, both physically and mentally, to push past limits and reach their race goals safely and within target times.

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