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Every time a pro rider takes to the start line of a race, he sits atop a bike that is running as smoothly. To assure a well-functioned bike, pro team mechanic come into play.

35-year-old Sodan has been an accomplished bicycle mechanic for 14 years, and is currently running his bicycle shop, Sodan Bike Tune. Over the years his good work has gained prominence.

He has worked for the likes of professional cycling teams, such as Nippo Delko One Provence and more, as well as Ironman Races in Langkawi, Sri Langka, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

In this video, Sodan shares with us about his background in cycling, work experience as a mechanic, and bittersweet moments working with pro cycling teams.

Having worked as a mechanic for more than a decade, what does this single-father hope for his future?

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