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Makalot Smart Clothing, manufactured by Makalot Industrial Co. is not just a piece of garment. It formulates a digitized system that helps doctors to better track and monitor the body condition of every patient efficiently and effectively.

Makalot Industrial Co. is one of Taiwan’s most major garment firms manufacturing smart textiles, making functional fabrics for healthcare solution providers, offering high-end products that can be used for medical purposes.

In recent years, Makalot builds up “WIIM” as a mission to bring the innovated textile product, envisioning a future in which people live with data and turning numbers into logical life beings. In the future, Makalot helps people reconnect to themselves and listen to their bodies through monitoring technology that is integrated into daily clothes.

What are the Makalot Smart Clothing’s functional materials?

 The elegant looking, flattering shape and soft touch makes the Makalot Smart Clothing more attractive to patients to put it on, creating frictionless experience of using it in daily life. It wicks away sweat and disperses it evenly throughout the fabric surface to make evaporates quickly.

With its cooling effect, it blends cooling particles in yarn, releasing heat immediately and cooling the skin don. The releasing positive ions attracted to negatively charged ions from bacteria helps prevent stinks.

The Makalot Smart Clothing features releasing far infrared ray to help boost metabolism and release muscle fatigue.

How can the Makalot Smart Clothing System be better than a wrist fitness tracker?

The technology came from a different base compared to fitness wrist and smart clothing. When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, smart clothing is the go-to choice. You can monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to a great variety of training devices with Bluetooth ® and ANT+ with ECG sensor module.

What are the features of the biosensor tracker?

Makalot is the first brand to integrate a biosensor tracker to clothing. Makalot has a self-owned electrical team for hardware. Makalot places an order with a global manufacturer for the biosensor tracker once the project is ready for production. The biosensor tracker is compatible with both android an ios.

How does the sensor work?

Only three steps with simple instruction.

  1. Attach it on the bra.
  2. Press the circle button.
  3. Pair it with Bluetooh.

Does the sensor need to be charged? Is it removable?

It is charged by type C charger and each 2 hours charge carries 24 hours usability.

How can the Makalot Smart Clothing System in our everyday life?

The Makalot Smart Clothing System takes practical scientific measurement as the design core of health apparel, not only it puts emphasis on the design appearance and functional degree, but also analyzes the most suitable pieces of ergonomic refinement collocating with the flexibility of fabric for assistance in wearing.

Moreover, adopting the patented conductive module and partial pressurizing allows accurate measurement even though in high-intensity activities. At the same time, the fine material matching with the graphene conductive module makes people hardly sense the device, and draws a close connection between precise technology and daily life in high comfort.

Is the Smart Clothing system suitable only for working out or can be worn anytime?

Users are encouraged to wear whenever they prefer. Smart clothing could be transferable to different styles including casual, active wear, and sleepwear.

The Makalot Smart Clothing comes in various sizes, for instance, XS-S-M-L-XL and is also customized for clients who have a specific market.

Will the Makalot Smart Clothing System be available in Malaysia?

Since this product is more likely a model in between business to business, Makalot aims to have more communication with health centers, hospitals, and fitness centers. Makalot is capable to approach with local agent or trader.

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