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Oakley BXTR Metal Sunglasses pay homage to the vibrant skate culture of Los Angeles, specifically Baxter Street, an iconic skate spot.

A fusion of retro aesthetics and contemporary design, these shades aim to capture the essence of individuality in the heart of lifestyle eyewear.

First Impression

The BXTR Metal immediately captivates with its retro-inspired design, reminiscent of Oakley’s iconic Razor Blade sunglasses. The shield lens and modernized trigger stem offer a nostalgic yet contemporary appeal, making them a statement piece for vintage enthusiasts.

Inspired by Oakley’s classic Razor Blade sunglasses, the BXTR Metal boasts a modern shield design and lightweight BiO-Matter® frame material for enduring comfort. The metal trigger stems add a touch of nostalgia, and Unobtainium® nose pads ensure a slip-free grip, even when wet.

Crafted with Oakley’s BiO-Matter® frame material, these sunglasses are exceptionally lightweight yet durable. The Matte Clear Frame with Prizm Violet Lenses delivers a translucent ’80s vibe, perfectly blending style and substance.


The shield lens design and Prizm technology provide excellent coverage and sharp clarity. The lenses enhance colour and contrast, offering a detailed view of the surroundings. While the wrap of the lenses may result in minor gaps depending on the face shape, it’s a minor consideration.

The large frame size ensures superior coverage, and the snug fit of the trigger stems guarantees stability during various activities. Unobtainium® nose pads provide a secure grip, making them suitable for running and other dynamic pursuits.

A standout feature that captivated us about the BXTR sunglasses was their remarkable versatility. Though not explicitly tailored for sports, the lightweight frame and comfortable fit seamlessly transitioned from casual wear to accommodating light sports activities with ease.

All-day Comfort and Sporty Appeal

The lightweight design and comfortable fit of the Oakley BXTR Metal Sunglasses make them a viable option for extended wear, proving suitable for various day-to-day activities. Surprisingly, this extends to light sports engagements, showcasing the adaptability of these shades beyond their lifestyle design.

Oakley BXTR Metal Sunglasses successfully strike a harmonious balance between retro aesthetics and modern design. The fusion of these elements is not only visually appealing but also contributes to the sunglasses’ overall functionality, allowing them to seamlessly accompany you through diverse daily scenarios.

While the BXTR sunglasses are primarily marketed as lifestyle eyewear, their design and construction do open avenues for certain sports like cycling or running. However, it’s essential to note that these aren’t specialized sports frames. We were pleasantly surprised with their adaptability, offering a versatile solution that effortlessly transcends the boundaries of lifestyle and light sporting pursuits.

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