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 At first glance, the Puma Deviate Nitro is a really good-looking shoe. Striking red, vibrant, a love at first sight. Upholding the Forever Faster mantra, Puma has also been striving for continuous innovation and breakthroughs in running.

The new Puma Deviate Nitro is built with the nitrogen injected Nitro Foam midsole. To create the best plate and foam synergy, Puma’s new and advanced Nitro foam is infused with nitrogen gas through an innovative new process which makes it possible to balance all three key features – responsiveness, cushioning, and lightweight.

Created through innovative Super Critical Foaming Process, the revolutionary Nitro midsole is 30% lighter than Pro-Foam Lite, 46% lighter than the general EVA midsole material, and 20-40% more shock absorption, allowing the midsole to perfectly strike a perfect balance between lightweight and responsiveness.

The Deviate Nitro is a thoroughly modern running shoe with a front carbon fiber plate. The INNOPLATE is designed to act as a lever for maximum energy transfer at toe-off. It is engineered for optimal bending stiffness, with full-length and curved for comfort.

Weighing less than 250 grams, it features a unique fork design to reduce weight and provide more space for the forefoot. The larger toe space will effectively enhance the stability of the body. With the 8mm heel-to-toe drop design, your speed can be enhanced and running efficiency can be optimised.

The upper is covered with a breathable, ventilated mesh and equipped with reflectors that enhance safety and increase visibility. The tongue gusset also extends all the way into the forefoot lining providing a more comfortable bootie-like experience. 

The outsole is made with PumaGrip outsole, a new performance rubber compound to handle anything that comes its way. Durability for many miles on streets, enough traction for any varied surface we can encounter, and grip optimised for those wet days.

Most interestingly, Puma is the first brand to create a last specifically for women’s running shoes that take female runners into consideration – shape, fit, and contour. The women’s last is designed for the female foot, which provide a narrowed heel and lower in-step. It is also adjusted to women’s arch shape.

With its excellent cushioning, the Deviate Nitro is making it suitable for runners of all levels. Ideally for long distance runners, the Nitro foam benefits us at any speed, no matter where we land on our feet.

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