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Cycling has grown so rapidly!

More people are starting to pick up the sports, in order to get fit and healthy. If your aim is to get better, faster, stronger, and more skilful at cycling events, we give you some simple dos and don’ts to follow. Being strong and confident on the bike will definitely make a huge difference on your ride and safety.

Check Your Gears

Before you go riding out there, check your bikes.

You can start with checking the brakes, handlebar, stem tightness, gear alignment, tire pressure, and chain condition.

You can also have a look at your helmet for cracks, by removing the padding inside and by pulling the sides outward. You’ll be able to see if there is any crack in the helmet.

Be Predictable

You must be clear with your intentions, whether it’s avoiding potholes, changing lanes, drinking water, overcoming road obstacles, road crossing and many more.

Any possibility that would disrupt the ride can always be worthy of a shout-out or a hand gesture. If you haven’t mastered how to ride with a hand or without your hands, you can make signals using your elbow in advance of any turn. Most of all, it is a big no to move suddenly when you’re in a peloton.

Be Visible

Face it, we are just like the motorcyclists around too, except slower. When you’re riding, always take a moment to think how you are going to make it safer for yourself and others.

Shine like the sun! If you’re visible, your chances of getting hit by a vehicle can be greatly reduced greatly. So, get your lights, bright clothing, and anything that will be loud to the eyes.

Be Aware

When you are riding on public roads, be aware of your surroundings. You must anticipate what motorists, pedestrians, and other people on bikes might do next.

You must also watch for turning vehicles and keep a distance away from parked cars. Someone might pop out the car door. You could possibly encounter potholes, dried up cement bums, and other road hazards. Therefore, be aware!

Be Safe

When riding in a group or a peloton, drafting will be a sure thing. Drafting is when one rider sits behind another to get some cover from the oncoming head wind.

It is not bad to be drafting on the road, but always be reminded to keep a safe distance from your mate’s wheels at one wheel’s length. If you’re riding too closer to your mate, you might not be able to react quickly enough. Do not overlap the rear wheel of the person in front!

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