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Taiwan Excellence believes that only innovation can bring about change for a better life.

Made in Taiwan, this product is recently awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award 2021 for its cutting-edge technology, innovation, and design.

The MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer is an award-winning product designed and built by Charder Medical – a brand under the Taiwan-based medical and health supplier Charder Electronic Co. Ltd, which specializes in the field of sensors and measurements.

Charder offers high-quality Body Composition Analyzers, Patient Transfer Scales, Medical Scales, Chair Scales, Wheelchair Scales, Bed Scales, Lift Scales, Infant Scales, Consumer Scales, and Digital Sensor.

The background of Charder Medical.

Charder was founded in 1980, beginning as an Original Equipment Manufacturer specializing in high-precision scales. To satisfy customer needs, Charder establishes its own R&D department, integrating its market and design divisions.

To better serve the medical market, the brand Charder Medical was established in 2005, beginning its participation in medical exhibitions. It is now well-known in the medical measurement industry, producing devices focused on user experience, reliability, and utility.

Charder launched its new professional body composition analyzers in 2019. What is the new innovation behind this?

Sports and fitness are getting more professional. People do not just want to train, they also want to train smart and implement effective training. It is more important than just working hard. It should be working hard in the right way.

Charder is designing professional body composition analyzers is because all the top athletes in the world are also training smart. In the Charder family, the professional body composition analyzers that have been launched in 2019, had passed the medical standards.

With proper body composition analysis, you are able to keep track of your muscle and body fat in different body segments to determine if your body composition is properly developed.

How Charder body composition analyzers can benefit athletes.

A body composition analyzer basically analyzes your body. In the past, many people focus on the entire weight of their bodies. However, weights do not distinguish between your muscles, fats, and body mass.

For athletes, in particular, it is not just weight. They also care about what much muscle they have, how much body mass they have, how much body fat they have, how these can affect athletic performance.

Charder’s body composition analyzers utilize an eight electrode multi-frequency segmental analysis system, clinically validated as a trusted method of calculating body composition measurements.

Through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), Charder’s devices send a safe, alternating current through the body using the tactile points on the machine. Through advanced algorithms analyzing the resistance to the electric flow, it can provide outputs for muscle, fat, water, cellular health, metabolism, and more.

Users can receive clear, easy-to-read results on a professional result sheet, perfect for use in clinics, fitness centers, gyms, and anywhere else where understanding your body status is important. Athletes can explore its Athletic and Medical result sheets, and find out what works best for their needs!

Why body composition analysis is important in sports.

Working out is not just looking fit, it is about results. If you’re training with inefficient workouts, you are actually wasting time.

Sports performance is highly dependent on the health and skill-related components of fitness. One of the most important components is body composition coordination in addition to the athletes’ technique and level of competency in sport-specific motor skills. 

Compared to someone who uses the body composition analyzer to accurately track and measure, you may not be able to achieve optimal sports performance. Without knowing your body composition, you may not be able to fully utilize its full range for proper coordination.

Body composition components are strongly related to different health outcomes, and regular measurement is becoming increasingly valuable in medical practice. Body composition can affect an athlete’s strength, agility, and appearance.

Body composition is important because not all weight is equal in terms of tissue composition and distribution. Body composition analysis describes what the body is made of, differentiating between body water, protein minerals, and fat to provide more precise information beyond weight and BMI.

With the professional body composition analyzers, you are able to be more aware of how specific body composition values, such as fat and lean mass, play a role in both sports performance and health.

The special features of the MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer.

The MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer, unlike the home-use devices, is obviously more professional, putting more detailed measures.

For example, the home-use device tells you about the body fats of your entire body. On the other hand, the professional device tells you about your body fats specifically on your left arms, right arms, left legs, and right legs. In short, it gives you more precise measurements.

The MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), 8-point contact electrodes, and 5 different frequencies to measure the legs, arms, and trunk, to obtain accurate body composition analysis.

The measurement of the relative distribution of fat, bone, muscle, and water in the human body can be obtained within 1 minute. It provides many relevant measurement values and data that can be used by medical professionals to track patient progress and provide important indicators that may aid in diagnostics and screening.

By measuring, you are able to read your result sheet which tells you about your body composition analysis, muscle-weight analysis, obesity analysis, abdominal fat, Bioelectric Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA), muscle quality, health score, percentage body fat percentiles, as well as total body fat ratio. Data can be transmitted via Wifi, USB, and RJ45 Ethernet cables.

Introduction to the body composition result sheet.

Body composition result sheet

Body Composition Analysis – Reliable, non-invasive Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis makes it easier to conduct regular monitoring of Body Composition. The calculated estimated weights of the body’s compositional elements can be compared with standard results for context.

Muscle-Fat Analysis – Measurement of weight is important, but incomplete without further analyzing the amount of muscle and fat in a subject. Understanding skeletal muscle and body fat proportions can help professional trainers formulate muscle and fat control recommendations.

Obesity Analysis – Different body fat indicators provide valuable information needed for a more useful evaluation of health. Percent Body Fat is a general generator, while Waist-Hip Ratio and Visceral Fat are used as critical cut-off points for risk of obesity-related diseases which may not be immediately visible from the outside.

Segmental Analysis – Muscle imbalance may increase the risk of injury and soreness. Segmental body analysis is able to precisely measure muscles of the trunk, upper limb, and muscles of the lower limb. The muscle mass and fat mass of each segment of the human body are fully present.

Abdominal Fat – The location and amount of Visceral Fat correlates with metabolic risk more than total body fat, and has been determined to be a more reliable method of identifying subjects at risk for cardiovascular diseases than current definitions of obesity.

BIVA – Bioelectrical Vector Impedance Analysis (BIVA) uses direct measurements of reactance and resistance, allowing it to provide reliable comparisons and evaluations of cellular hydration and nutritional status, even for individuals with abnormal hydration, making it easier for healthcare practitioners to evaluate a patient’s status.

Phase Angle (Percentiles) – Measurement of quantity is of limited utility for the evaluation of health. Through tracking of Phase Angle, an indicator strongly correlating with age and health, evaluation of subject’s cellular status and corresponding context can be made.

Muscle Quality – Through measurement of cellular quality, the MA801 can provide estimates of potential handgrip strength, used as a clinical marker for poor mobility, and a better predictor of sarcopenia than muscle mass. Comparison between dynamometer and estimate places subject’s strength level in context.

The MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer is available in Malaysia.

Medical and healthcare device supplier Kinsmedic Sdn Bhd is also the distributor for Charder Medical in Malaysia. The MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer is priced at 20,000 USD.

For any enquiries, please visit https://www.facebook.com/kinsmedic.

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