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Imagine a world where every runner gets faster.

But also a hearty challenge, given the presumed hurdle of injury.

But are injuries actually inevitable? The question spurred Nike to focus efforts on the potential of reducing runner injury, and its newest running shoe, the Nike React Infinity Run, is a step toward the objective.

The Nike React Infinity Run encompasses the best qualities of those two technologies – a fine-tuned blend of bio-mechanical efficiency and cushioning for a breakthrough shoe that offers a more democratic solution to stability, and an advance from traditional motion-control designs.

The Infinity Run provides a soft, responsive platform and delivers it with a widened midsole. Similar to the geometry of the 4%, the Infinity has a rocker-like bottom that yields a more fluid transition from foot strike to toe off.

This inspired combination has an instant impact on a runner. Slip the shoe on, and it feels at once stable and energetic, the spring in the React foam ready to fuel miles. The Infinity’s rocker-geometry encourages a slight lean forward, moving a runner’s foot strike from heel to midfoot, or even forefoot; this creates a natural forward feel of propulsion.

The wider platform, and the supportive foam that accompanies it, provides a reassuring feel – the shoe gently guides the foot in a smooth, straight line, reducing side-to-side wobbling and movement. These attributes make the Nike React Infinity Run ideal for the kind of runs that don’t fall into the silo of interval or tempo, long run or race.

The Nike React Infinity Run will be available on Nike.com 3 January for Nike Members and receive a general release 6 January.

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