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In recent years, ultramarathons are growing in popularity and reach. Runners who have run 50KM, became a 100KM finisher. Some runners are also venturing into a 100-mile (160.9KM) ultramarathon! Does it sound crazy? Maybe yes. But with the strategic and integrated training plan, it is not impossible.

To runners who are planning to transition from 100KM to 100 miles, but not sure how to cope with the drastic change, here’s how you can tackle and get that finisher’s belt buckle!

With Vert.run, you can prepare for a long mountain running adventure with the first person to win all 4 races in the 4 Desert Series and the person to win an ultra trail race on all 7 continents – Ryan Sandes.

In this 12-week training plan, you will do Ryan’s workouts, learn how to create your own route, and prepare for a long mountain running adventure.

All the workouts are hand-designed by Ryan, and the plans auto-adapt to each runner’s experience level. The plan is designed for people to train for a long mountain adventure or (Personal Fastest Known Time) from 100KM up to 100 miles.

Since most races have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic, Ryan’s plan is designed not only to train people for a long adventure, but also to guide them in choosing a route, knowing how to handle a long mountain adventure.

The plan costs $6 USD/week, and includes 2x weekly feedback from a Vert.run coach, who guides you through Ryan’s plan to make sure everything’s going great.

You will receive a daily training plan that auto-adapts to your needs, and specially made to build your endurance and ultra running skills.

You will also receive a weekly series of valuable video tips from Ryan about training for a PFKT. Additionally, you will learn how to plan a mountain adventure, stay motivated, and get guidance from Vert.run throughout your training process.

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