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It’s a common sight among young athletes – they often crush the heels of their sneakers and untie their shoes after a rigorous workout.

These athletes lead fast-paced lives, and they require a shoe that can transition seamlessly from performance training to recovery mode.

Under Armour’s goal is to motivate athletes by providing them with performance solutions that they didn’t even realize they needed, but now cannot imagine living without.

By actively listening to their athletes and taking their problems as their own, Under Armour embarked on a mission to create a versatile shoe that can adapt to an athlete’s specific needs at any given moment. The outcome of this endeavour was the UA SlipSpeed, which is a performance training shoe that features a convertible heel design.

Under Armour has revolutionized the conventional training shoe with the creation of a sneaker that is designed for training and can also be worn all day.

This shoe has been engineered to cater to an athlete’s needs, featuring Under Armour’s signature UA Flow and Iso-Chill technologies, as well as the BOA® Fit System and a new “crushable” heel design.

By combining some of their most significant innovations, Under Armour has pushed the limits of performance with this single shoe.

When athletes crush the heel of a regular shoe, they inadvertently compromise the shoe’s performance attributes.

However, with the creation of the UA SlipSpeed heel folding technology, athletes can enjoy a comfortable underfoot experience without sacrificing performance capabilities. The BOA® Fit System also provides a micro-adjustable, personalized fit, allowing wearers to dial in the perfect fit for challenging reps or release tension for relaxed wear.

The UA SlipSpeed features UA Flow technology, which is the same proprietary foam compound used in Stephen Curry’s signature Curry Flow line, which powered his championship-winning performance on the court. The UA Flow’s lightweight cushioning and pioneering traction make the UA SlipSpeedTM both comfortable and high-performing.

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