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What has made SiDI the company we know today?

SiDI began in a revolutionary time when everything had to be built from scratch and loads of ideas cropped up.

However, not everyone had the required determination to set up a business but Dino Signori, the founder of SiDI did.

That’s how in 1960, at the very beginning of the new decade, SiDI came to light, in a 40 sqm area in a converted stable. That’s where the first equipment was placed and the first bricks of a 60-year-old story were laid.

Not everything comes by chance. Not everything goes smoothly from the very start, but it is there the founder’s tenaciousness comes into play.

He is unwavering in his decision to stay in Maser, where he was born, grown up, and learned the trade. That trade would later enable him to become one of the most renowned and appreciated cycling shoe and motorbike boot manufacturers worldwide.

After a number of fears, vicissitudes, and satisfactions at the end of that year, Sidi recruited the first employee and its activity has undergone ceaseless development ever since.

Two years later, a 5,000 sum field was purchased and the first production hall was built. It was rather large for the company’s needs at the time but it was located in Via Bassanese, where the founder was born and raised and his parents opened an osteria – an emotionally-loaded place full of beautiful memories.

In the course of the 1970s, on the 5,000 sqm area in Via Bassanese – which was the official headquarters for many years – new production plants were built and a 2,000 sqm building was raised. Quite a remarkable growth in close to 10 years.

At the end of 2007, the offices and manufacturing activities were moved to Via dei Rizzi, remaining in Maser. It did not go unnoticed.

The new headquarters building has a peculiar shape with 90-m steel arches embodying SiDI’s spirit and dynamism, in addition to evoking the magnificent hills surrounding Asolo – silent companions of the working days. Their view can be enjoyed directly from inside the offices.

This architecture, just as the products conceived and made here every day, leaves nothing to chance and reflects the sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques of SiDI products. Steel represents the leadership in the sector, the cutting-edge architecture and the innovative solutions talk about its continuous evolution. And of which is expressed in the simplicity of the materials that are used.

Today, SiDI has many employees and co-workers that are inspired by a man who could fill many pages telling about real life stories and management experience.

As a manager, he has been able to adapt to the times, grasp unexpected occasions, read the market and bring innovation, driven by his constant desire to create and share products that have always been up with the times. He is a man who has turned emotions into the underlying unifying thread, as many of his employees say.

Dino Signori has always been open to exchanges, in the past just like now. He makes people feel at ease and never hesitates to pass on his experience – priceless values that create an atmosphere for constructive exchanges in a business that has been developing exponentially.

A series of small steps, fast change, and ceaseless evolution have made Sidi the company we know today.

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