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Who can ever run a marathon in under 2 hours?

Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder and the world’s greatest marathoner is the first and only person to dip under 2 hours for a marathon.

When it comes to the fastest marathon runner in the world, we want to know everything, including the sports watch he is wearing for his race.

COROS Pace 2 is the sports watch Eliud Kipchoge is using himself. Why COROS Pace 2? According to the California-based brand, the watch possesses nearly all the same software and features found on the brand’s own device and other more expensive watches.

  • It weighs only 29 grams with a nylon band.

It is one of the lightest GPS watches in the game that weighs less than an ounce and this featherweight device can be worn all day, every day during your fitness session or daily routine without causing any discomfort to your wrist.

The Pace 2 is 40 percent lighter than the original model, with its redesigned features and a new lightweight Nylon strap. It is so light that it makes it particularly well suited to smaller wrists and it is comfortable to wear at all times.

  • It has long-lasting battery life.

With 30 hours of continual GPS battery life, you will only need to charge the Pace 2 every week or two. Compared to the original Pace, the battery life in full tracking mode can now last up to 30 hours. Basically, it is more than enough for an IRONMAN 17 hours cut-off time.

Besides the long-lasting battery life, it includes 20 days of tracking heart rate and sleeping, triggering backlight, measuring steps, getting notifications, and even alarms every day. You can leave your charger behind, and travel for your next race, game, or holiday without having to worry about it.

  • It measures running power data from your wrist.

If you’re an active runner, the Pace 2 measures running power data from your wrist, so you can train using the latest metric that tells you how efficiently you’re running. If you link the watch to a running pod like COROS’s own device and Stryd, you can see personalized running technique metrics such as Ground Contact Time (GCT).

The metrics are targeted toward those who want to focus solely on performance. COROS has also developed unique HR algorithms for each activity mode to provide you with best-in-class wrist-based heart rate accuracy.

The watch also has a Track Run mode, which allows you to set the lane you’re running in during track workouts for more accurate distance measurements.

  • It evaluates your current marathon readiness.

You’ve been actively running, but have you ever wondered how your training effects your fitness? Or how effective has your training program been? COROS EvoLab has all the answers.

With the revamped COROS sports science platform, COROS EvoLab identifies if your most recent workouts are improving your overall fitness. It also categorizes your workouts to indicate what part of your training is being prioritized.

With the software, you will be able to receive personalized fitness, fatigue measurements, and performance evaluations to help maximize training efforts and efficiently achieve fitness goals. For runners, it allows you to indicate your marathon distance readiness and provide an easy comparison between runners.

The features cover:

  • Short-term and long-term fitness analysis.
  • Fatigue level and recovery recommendations.
  • Improved Aerobic/Anaerobic training effect calculation.
  • Real-time training load based on intensity and duration of activity.
  • Running performance analysis to compare today’s run versus expectations.
  • It leaves the backlight on for your night runs.

Another helpful feature for the Pace 2 is Night Mode, which allows you to leave the backlight on for the entirety of your workout. If you prefer nighttime runs, it is bright enough so your eyes can adjust and read in the dark but dim enough to maintain superior battery performance throughout your runs, even when needed all night long.

The greatness of the COROS Pace 2 has not ended yet.

Here are other useful features of the Pace 2:

  • Virtual Run Profile: This transmits pace/cadence/HR to apps like Zwift, when on a treadmill.
  • CORE Body Temperature Support: This adds native integration with the CORE body temp sensor.
  • Adjusted Pace Data Field: This also supports EvoLab for calculation on uphill/downhills.
  • Openwater and Pool Swim Temperature: Records the water temp 
  • .Adds the sleep stage REM (Rapid Eye Movement).
  • Adds jump rope as a new activity mode on the watch.
  • Improved GoPro connectivity.

The Pace 2 now comes with a new hot-selling colorway – Steel Blue alongside its other colors which are Dark Grey and White to match any outfit and style you love.

COROS Pace 2 is available via COROS Malaysia offline and online authorized dealers at https://coros.my/page/wheretobuy, at just RM899. 

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