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Trail running is distinctly different from road running.

Trail running can also be known as off-road running, be it in the mountains, jungles, fields, hills, or farmlands. Road running allows you to run on paved surfaces. However, when you hit the trail, you are likely to encounter hilly routes, uneven terrains, or even tough climbs than you will be used to on the road.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try trail running:

Beautiful Sceneries

Malaysia is breathtakingly beautiful with the rich and diverse countryside. Whether or not you’re living in busy Kuala Lumpur, historical Melaka, tranquil Perlis or cultural Sabah, every state of Malaysia has its unique and alluring trails. You can drive just 20 minutes outside of the city and be in a different world. The pace of life changes and locals greet you with smiles and waves. The air is generally clear and fresh. Peace and quiet can easily be found.

Discover new parts of Malaysia

By entering trail races, joining trail running groups, and hitting the trail during the weekends, you will visit amazing locations and explore captivating flora and fauna that you would probably never otherwise have found. Trail running is a fantastic way to be a tourist in your own country!

Unpredictable environment

Trail races are very different from road races. The atmosphere tends to be more unpredictable. Trail running can be more stimulating as you will most likely be running in a jungle with all types of terrains and surroundings. When running on the trail, you need to be more alert and focused to look out for hazards like rocks, stones, mud, streams, and more. Trails can be slippery, so you need to be cautious to prevent hurting yourself.

Exercise different running muscles

Mixing your training on road and trail is a great way to get a fuller body workout. The nature of trail terrain means that you are utilizing a different running technique and therefore different muscle groups. Trail running is unlike running on concrete pavement. Road running can sometimes put a lot of stress and strain on the joints. The trail usually consists of a mixture of rock, grass, and mud, therefore you will be reducing the risk of injury and will also strengthen the joints and muscles in your legs!

Less reliance on pace

With trail running, you can forget about your average pace, target pace per km, distance, and finish time! Just immerse yourself in the run and don’t worry about the numbers! However, you must not forget to get adequate nutrition, keep hydrated to last the run, embrace the sweat, and enjoy yourself! Most importantly, you need to concentrate on footing and navigation. Breathing patterns are different due to the irregularity of the terrain, which allows regular recovery periods that you would not have had on the road.

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