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Is being a great athlete implicit in the genes or achieved through systematic programs? Is a successful athlete born, or made? Can anyone become a successful athlete? Being a successful athlete is more than achieving the physical skills.

Every athlete is always looking for ways to get the most out of their performance. From setting goals, incorporating training techniques, to preparing diet meals, every single element plays an important role in ensuring you reach your peak athletic performance.

Nutrition, being one of the most vital components in an athlete’s regime, is more than consuming food. It also includes pre, during, and post-training dietary supplements which help boost athletic performance.

Here are five simple ways that anyone can incorporate dietary supplements such as the infamous BCAA into your daily routine that can help improve your game on the field, court, and track.

1. Prior to Training

Nutrition is critical when you embark on a training program. You know that you see more and better results when you start with an achievable, specific goal as opposed to just training with no plan.

A proper training plan also includes proper food preparation. The right food and fluids you consume help improve your athletic performance. Eating correctly and keeping hydrated play a significant role in your training. Physical exercises will speed up your metabolism and your body will require a wide variety of nutrients.

BCAAs provide an excellent source of easily digested carbohydrates to maximize muscle fuel storage for optimal performance. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks of protein which rebuilds and grows new muscles, which are why you need these amino acids in your training.

BCAAs consist of three essential amino acids, named Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. They cannot be produced by the human body but can be obtained from appropriate food intake.  Amino acids mainly BCAAs from aminoVITAL® take only 30 minutes to be absorbed by the body which is perfect in providing your body the nutrients needed for an added boost of endurance during your training!

2. During Training

Many people might have overlooked the importance of water. Sports drinks enhance performance by delivering carbohydrates and fluid, especially during high-intensity training lasting sixty minutes or longer.

Moderate to high intensity exercise lasting more than 90 minutes such as running a marathon or cycling highly requires enough of hydration to delay fatigue. Sports drinks generally contain BCAAs which are also an important source of energy.

Sweating helps control the body temperature, which leads to water evaporation from the skin surface. The frequent charge of both water and BCAAs is essential to improve athletic performance. BCAAs provide and replenish protein in your body, allowing faster recovery and muscle development. Therefore, sports drinks rapidly increase amino acid levels in the bloodstream, promote protein synthesis, and prevent muscle protein breakdown.

To further improve your sports performance and reduce muscle breakdown during exercising or training, remember to take one pouch of  aminoVITAL® which contains 3,000 mg of amino acids mainly BCAAs 30 minutes before you begin your workout. As there is no water or mixing needed, you can just drink it directly from the pack! You can go stronger for longer.

3. After Training

After your intense and hard-hitting training, one of the great ways to improve your performance is to track your fitness goals. There’s truly nothing more satisfying than looking back at your progress seeing how far you have come.

Did you become a bit faster? Did you become stronger? Did your nutrition help your athletic performance? If not, what other alternatives should you implement in your next training programs?

Most importantly, is your nutrition supplanting your training program? If you have incorporated BCAAs in it, you should be grateful that these amino acid drinks alleviate your fatigue and stimulate muscle recovery. You have had your improved performance with less muscle soreness!

4. Between Meals

Diet plays a crucial role. Whether you are a competing athlete, a weekend sports player, or a dedicated daily gym goer, the foundation to an improved performance is a nutritionally adequate diet.

The basic diet should be sufficient to provide enough energy and nutrients to meet the demands of training. Fuelling your body properly enables you to achieve optimal body weight and body fat levels for improved performance.

If you feel your diet is not providing adequate levels of BCAAs in the form of complete protein from meat, dairy, fish, eggs or more, aminoVITAL® with amino acids is a good choice for you to try. This apple jelly flavoured drink contains 3,000mg amino acids mainly BCAAs that helps improve your athletic performance and its nutrients can fully be absorbed by the body in just 30 minutes upon consumption!

5. Recovery

If you wish to improve your athletic performance, you should be dedicated to replenishing muscles. Recovery is one of the critical components of any successful training program.

Post-training massage can increase parasympathetic nervous system activity, moving us from stressful “fight or flight” responses to those associated with more relaxed “rest and digest” functions. So, sleep is not for the weak.

Even if you have completed your training, re-hydration is key for maximizing recovery and adequately refuelling for subsequent training sessions. BCAAs should be consumed in combination with food that supplies your body with additional carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, and mineral.

In addition to replenishing lost muscle glycogen stores, protein plays an important part in post-training recovery and repair. BCAAs have a much quicker absorption rate than whole proteins, which produce energy, fight muscle degradation, and limit fatigue up to 3 times faster than whey protein shakes. In other words, BCAAs are superior to traditional protein-based products.

Chill out and relax with aminoVITAL®. When you are refuelled, you will feel restored, energized, and perform better in your next game! So, go ahead and try it today! Purchase them online through Shopee or Lazada, and get aminoVITAL® delivered straight to your doorstep from the links below –

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