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Anuar Manan was once the winner of a single stage as well as the Green Points Jersey (Sprint King) in 2010 Le Tour de Langkawi before a series of unforeseen circumstances made his racing career to a halt.

In addition to winning a single stage, he also made history as the first Asian and the first Malaysian to wear the Green Jersey since the launch of Le Tour de Langkawi in 1996. According to Anuar, the title of Sprint King is one of his most successful achievements.

“No one has yet to wear the Green Jersey in Le Tour de Langkawi since my win in 2010,” said the professional rider.

At the beginning of 2018, the new UCI Continental Team – Forca Amskins Racing which was set up and led by him came as a complete surprise to the Malaysian cycling community. The Team also made its debut at the 2018 Le Tour de Langkawi.

Unfortunately, the Team also faced its most crippling setback, turning it down on more racing opportunities. Being a professional rider requires a lot of things that no one could imagine. “It is not only about riding and being fast, it is realistically what you can achieve for your investors, sponsors, and supporters. Branding and positioning are also important to bring everything together,” said Anuar.

Come high and hell water, Anuar Manan has gone through the fame, fall, failure, and feat in his cycling journey.

With his knowledge and involvement in cycling, Anuar has been giving advice to the new and young riders who are just starting out. “I hope through my experience and skills, I can contribute to the community. I am always willing to share my thoughts to more people,” said Anuar.

Currently, he is putting his utmost effort into growing his clothing brand – AMSKINS. “Never let anyone define who you are. Instead, you should put your value and worth in your own hands. You are holding the power to dictate where your path will lead,” quoted the 34-year-old.

AM in AMSKINS is an abbreviation for Anuar Manan. The skin that has been exposed to the heat. The skin that has been showered with sweat. The skin that wins the race.

Born in 1986, Anuar Manan embraces his spirit to be a sprinter and without giving up one bit, he was titled as Raja Pecut Asia in 2010. AMSKINS is passionate about developing cycling culture through innovation and performance driven products.

Aside from making cycling jerseys, AMSKINS also produces custom jerseys, corporate uniforms, futsal jerseys, football jerseys, fishing shirts, sporting event tee shirts, and triathlon suits. “AMSKINS is also entering and expanding to Japan market,” said the passionate rider.

Besides his passion and dedication for cycling, Anuar is striving for the growth and success in AMSKINS. “While building my brand, cycling will always be a part of me,” the rider a.k.a the entrepreneur concluded.

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