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ASICS EDO ERA Tribute Pack is made using recycled polyester made from PET bottles, with its commitment to sustainability by honoring the eco-friendly practices of Edo (present day Tokyo) from the 17th to 19th centuries.

It was during that period that reusing and recycling was integral to life in Japan. People saw everything as a valuable resource, from old clothes and used paper to worn-out pans and broken ceramic items and even candle wax drippings.

The release of EDO ERA references the eco-centric self-sufficiency ethos of bygone times in Tokyo in 2021 in which the eyes of the world turn to that city’s biggest sporting event.

The running shoe models employ recycled polyester fibres made from a total of around 300,000 PET bottles. These items represent the first stage of an ASICS drive to switch to 100% recycled polyester fibres in all of its uppers by 2030 to help combat climate change.

ASICS have also reduced its packaging footprint with 100% recycled paper shoe boxes made from approximately 10% less material than its standard designs, and switched from oil-based inks to water-based, halving its ink usage. These sustainable shoe boxes will expand outside the range across 2020 and 2021, cutting ASICS’ annual CO2 emissions by approximately 1,200 metric tons.

The graphics for the uppers incorporate a combination of two Edo Era lettering styles in a nod to that period’s inspiration for the collection. One lettering style is yose moji, typically used for posters and flyers. The other is kakuji, which are thick, squared characters, which often featured on scraps of paper that worshippers posted on the gates of shrines and temples.

The GLIDERIDE shoe helps you run longer while expending less energy. GUIDESOLE technology in the sole is the key function in the GLIDERIDE shoe. Improved cushioning, which is a result of FLYTEFOAM technology and GEL technology cushioning also helps reduce the overall load on the foot.

The stiff forefoot and dynamically curved sole increase running efficiency by reducing the movement of the ankle joint. Additionally, the shoe’s center of mass is closer to the heel, so it’s easier to swing the foot forward. The rolling motion you feel in this shoe actually propels the foot forward for increased efficiency by reducing the forward movement of the ankle. This lets you run farther with less effort. The GLIDERIDE shoe with GUIDESOLE technology lets you conserve energy for efficient runs.

Equipped with technical components to deliver a more responsive bounce and lasting comfort, the ROADBLAST running shoe is a functional accessory to help you beat your best time. Featuring a gender-specific knit pattern that takes on the natural splay of men’s and women’s foot shapes, this shoe is lightweight and breathable to keep feet comfortable during running workouts.

Introducing a blend of FLYTEFOAM Blast and AMPLIFOAM technologies in the midsole structure to help produce a bouncy energy return, this shoe also helps generate lasting comfort. Additionally, the outsole is strategically placed to work with the shape of the midsole to improve propulsion and help create a trampoline effect within your stride. Combining responsive midsole technologies with specially formulated knit patterns, the ROADBLAST shoe is made to offer comfort throughout your run training objectives.

The NOVABLAST shoe is recommended for neutral runners seeking a responsive running experience. This lightweight design includes the new FLYTEFOAM Blast midsole foam for an energetic bounce with each stride. The outsole of the NOVABLAST shoe has been designed to accentuate the energized feeling of the FLYTEFOAM Blast technology, creating a trampoline effect that propels you forward.

The NOVABLAST shoe is higher off the ground than most running styles, promoting improved comfort over long distances. The shoe’s soft and lightweight mesh upper delivers excellent airflow, keeping your feet cooler and fresher throughout your run. Additionally, reflective details provide extra visibility in low-light conditions. Put a bounce in your step with the NOVABLAST performance running shoe and experience a soft and lightweight ride.

Promoting a lightweight ride, the GT-2000 8 running shoe is designed to provide excellent comfort for runners in seeking a performance stability shoe. The GT-2000 8 road running shoe features an improved GEL technology piece and a softer section of foam in the heel for improved comfort and shock absorption.

The lightweight FLYTEFOAM technology midsole offers a soft landing with each stride, so you can experience a more energetic response. The upper features a lightweight engineered mesh that allows better air circulation to keep your skin feeling dry and refreshed. Thanks to the combination of DYNAMIC DUOMAX technology and TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology in the midfoot, these applications keep your feet stable and supported. When you’re looking for a smooth ride, the GT-2000 8 road running shoe is a recommended choice.

The GEL-CUMULUS 22 running shoe is a recommended choice for neutral runners who want a soft, flexible everyday trainer with a great fit. This update features a one-piece upper mesh that’s combined with a seamless 3D print construction, which balances support and comfort around the foot, giving you an excellent fit right out of the box.

The FLYTEFOAM technology midsole is softer than the previous version to promote a pillowy ride. Under heel where the foot first hits the ground has been redesigned to better isolate impact. This new heel design has deeper forefoot flex grooves and a softer midsole foam to give you a soft ride. A hard-wearing AHAR rubber outsole compound has been placed in key contact areas to help the GEL-CUMULUS 22 shoe stand up to a ton of miles.

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