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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2020 will be introducing a unique alternative race format with virtual and possible physical components that are being explored depending on regulations to replace the traditional road race.

The first of its kind, the race will allow runners to take part in the race safely and virtually, and still look forward to the signature finisher experience – complete with the finisher photo for runners to celebrate their accomplishments.

Organizer of SCSM, the IRONMAN Group will be implementing the initiative to help runners stay active, train and gear up towards the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. The SCSM VC is an all-in-one engaging and rewarding platform that includes weekly races and challenges, an online store with redeemable rewards, training and nutritional resources, and performance tracking.

Runners can track their training data easily, compare themselves against their peers across local and global leader boards. They can also improve their performances through the nutrition and training guides available and join themed weekly challenges and races to build up their training mileage for the race at the end of the year.

Each week, races under the SCSM Virtual Racing Series will be categorised according to four themes that celebrate running routes that are unique to Singapore. The four themes mirror the Singapore Tourism Board’s passion tribes, which include the Action Seekers, Culture Shapers, Explorers and Foodies.

These routes will give runners the opportunity to explore and rediscover different sides of Singapore and its hidden gems. There will be a total of 15 races. Runners can also take part in an activity-based loyalty point system, designed to motivate them by earning points as they train, and be rewarded through merchandise, discounts and special benefits.

Signups for the Virtual Club are free and accessible to athletes globally, and runners from all over the world will now be able to train, compete, earn rewards and connect with the running community.

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