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Who is BB?

“BB” is an abbreviation for BikeBaju, which stands for “bicycle apparel”.

BikeBaju is a new cycling brand that is known for its innovative approach to cycling apparel in the Malaysian cycling industry. The team behind BikeBaju is passionate about cycling and the gear that cyclists wear.

This interview is going to unlock the story behind BikeBaju, arguably one of the most nimble and modern cycling brands in the Malaysian cycling community.

Yim Wai Hong and Yahui Tan.

BikeBaju’s founders aren’t just founders, they’re cyclists.

Yim Wai Hong is the creator of BikeBaju. His goal is to challenge the traditional Western-dominated cycling apparel industry and create a new vision for cyclists.

He came up with the vision of wanting cyclists to be “Stand Out & Be Seen” and to command attention on the road for their safety. His creation of BikeBaju serves cyclists as a platform to showcase their personal style.

BikeBaju fell into place when Wai Hong’s partner, Yahui Tan took the task of turning a passion project into reality. With her background in public relations and expertise in various areas of marketing, she was able to conceptualize and bring the BikeBaju brand to life.

Her adaptability and willingness to embrace new technology enabled her to build the company’s e-commerce infrastructure from the ground up. Yahui’s dedication to BikeBaju and her unwavering commitment to success have been key to its continued growth and success.

Yim Wai Soon.

Yes, it is accurate that shared passions can bring a family closer together. In this case, Wai Hong’s brother, Wai Soon, who is also an avid cyclist, took Wai Hong’s passion project for BikeBaju and turned it into a successful business.

Wai Soon is also actively involved in setting up the company’s operations and building a sense of community through the Fellowship Ride initiatives, which aligns with his own love for cycling.

BikeBaju was founded with a vision to change the world of cycling jersey attire.

BikeBaju is more than just a cycling brand.

BikeBaju was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the cycling jersey attire industry.

Historically, this industry has been dominated by European and Australian aesthetics, but BikeBaju was created to showcase the unique energy and style of the region where it was founded.

The name BikeBaju perfectly captures the co-founders’ vision of creating a brand with global appeal that was born in the tropics and has the potential to conquer the world.


Welcome to the new era of cycling apparel with BikeBaju.

The BikeBatik is the result of this innovative thinking. By recognizing the gap in the market, the BikeBaju team was able to create distinctive designs that stand out from the more traditional, straightforward designs offered by other companies.

The brand marks the end of an era of minimalism and subdued color blocks, and the beginning of a new era in cycling apparel with BikeBaju. The company believes that life is too short to wear boring gear and encourages cyclists to proudly wear their identity on their sleeves with nothing to hide.

BikeBaju wants the world to see the cycling scene in a whole new light.

From just selling jerseys to becoming a full-fledged cycling lifestyle brand.

As the BikeBaju community has expanded and embraced the brand’s message to “Stand Out & Be Seen”, the team takes pride in helping its customers stand out and showcase their unique personalities.

The brand’s designs have evolved into a form of self-expression, and the team’s goal is to move beyond simply selling jerseys to becoming a full-fledged cycling lifestyle brand, similar to how certain sports brands have expanded beyond just selling “running shoes” to becoming a staple in everyday fashion.

BikeBaju aims to change the world’s perception of the cycling scene and bring a fresh perspective to the industry.

BikeBaju wants the world to see the cycling scene in a whole new light.

#RideWithBB Fellowship Ride.

How to #RideWithBB?

The #RideWithBB Fellowship Ride is a community-focused social ride that brings cyclists together through their shared love of cycling and coffee. Since its creation, the Fellowship Ride series has become a highly anticipated event in the cycling community.

BikeBaju embraces the inclusive nature of cycling and welcomes riders of all ages, ethnicities, and fitness levels, regardless of whether they own a BikeBaju jersey.

The #RideWithBB Fellowship Ride is organized into three groups to accommodate cyclists of all fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can participate in a relaxed, no-pressure ride and connect with others who share their passion for cycling.

All of BikeBaju’s jerseys are crafted using high-performance Italian fabrics for unparalleled comfort and quality.

BikeBaju is for all.

BikeBaju takes pride in creating high-quality cycling jerseys that are both comfortable and stylish. All of their jerseys are made with premium Italian fabrics to ensure durability and performance. To ensure color vibrancy and breathability, BikeBaju uses a variety of different textiles in their designs.

The company is dedicated to finding the ideal balance between style and functionality and is constantly striving for innovation through research and development. BikeBaju invests heavily in improving the details of their jerseys so that they can offer a product that is on par with international brands and that Malaysians can be proud to wear.

This is the BBfam.

Sports know no colour.

The BBfam is a tight-knit community of cyclists who come together to ride, share stories, and inspire each other. The brand wants to create a culture of positivity and inclusivity, where everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, no matter their fitness level or background.

The designer jerseys are created to provide both comfort and style. With a race-cut fit, they allow for maximum performance on the bike, while the eye-catching colours and bold designs help cyclists stand out and make a statement on the road.

In short, BikeBaju is not just a brand of cycling jerseys, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re looking for a way to express yourself and make a statement on your next ride, visit www.bikebaju.com and find your perfect cycling jersey today!

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