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Venturing into your first-ever race can be exciting and perplexing, especially when it comes to selecting the appropriate footwear for racing.

The adidas Adizero SL is a trailblazer among many running shoes, boasting adidas’ innovative Lightstrike Pro cushioning technology. This cushioning has been eagerly anticipated in running shoes for its lightweight yet well-balanced properties.

But how well does it perform in the realm of running?

The adidas Adizero SL is a high-performance running shoe designed for elite-level performance at a more accessible price point.

It incorporates the latest technologies from the brand, with a focus on the forefoot and the Lightstrike Pro foam, which was used in adidas’ pro line of shoes that broke several running world records in 2022.

The molded Lightstrike midsole provides cushioning and protection during mid to long-distance runs, while the engineered mesh upper offers a comfortable and secure fit. The tongue of the shoe has also been given extra cushioning for maximum comfort.

Adidas is targeting runners looking to go for the first race and set a personal best with the Adizero SL.

If you’re aiming for your first race, this shoe is designed to assist you to propel your training to the next level.

The ADIZERO SL was designed to assist runners to propel their training to the next level. It’s an elite-level running shoe created for the everyday runner at a lower price point. This will allow you to aim for smashing your personal best times come race day.

The upper is equipped with a standard mesh. It gives you a cosy fit, and a lightweight feel, reminiscent of other Adizero models, in a mid-to-long distance shoe that boasts impressive performance.

The tongue is made from a thin, stretchy mesh and is sewn to the upper. The laces are average and the insole is extremely thin, offering limited step-in comfort. This shoe delivers great value, striking a balance between moderate breathability and support while providing purposeful traction.

The shoe also features a fused overlay along the bottom third of the shoe, starting at the heel and extending to the forefoot on both sides of the upper, effectively keeping your foot in place.

The ADIZERO SL features a smooth sole designed to reduce friction during runs. It has a tall stack height of 35 mm/25 mm, giving it an aggressive and fast feeling 10 mm drop.

Constructed with adidas’ Continental rubber, these specifications indicate that the shoe is meant to feel fast and is best suited for mid-distance races, such as 10 km to half marathons.

The combination of Lightstrike cushioning and Continental rubber provides a smooth and comfortable ride with great grip, even in wet conditions.

Overall, this pair of shoes run true to size. If you’re unsure which pair of shoes to go for, this is a great option for runners looking for a highly cushioned shoe that can handle your races.

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