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As the name implies, Body Charger Fitness – a brand of Gee Hoo Industrial Corp, the leading fitness equipment manufacturer from Taiwan aims to help consumers enjoy and achieve a better quality of life.

James Hsu, the International Business and Marketing Manager of Gee Hoo Industrial Corp allocated some time to speak to us in reference to one of the company’s leading fitness equipment brands – Body Charger Fitness.

Quality is more than just making a good product. Innovation, marketing, research and development, and product reliability are all imperative. While there are many other global fitness equipment brands out there in the market, James shared with us how Body Charger Fitness is different from the others, as well as how it is going to be marketed in Malaysia, especially in the sporting industry.

Tell us about Body Charger Fitness.

Body Charger is a brand of Gee Hoo Industrial Corp – a wellness manufacturer based in Taiwan with more than 40 years of experience.

Body Charger creates fitness equipment for people of all ages to get moving, stay active, and fulfill their life quality. We provide only the safe, highest-grade fitness equipment and wellness solution. We offer solutions and transfers scientific findings into the advanced activities of daily life (ADL).

What does Body Charger Fitness offer?

Body Charger focuses on exercise equipment. We produce almost everything that you have seen in the market, like the recumbent stepper, treadmill, upright bike, and rowing machine. We offer different product lines, from the commercial line to the residential line (home use).

One of the product lines called the Active Series recently won the Taiwan Excellence Award. Finally, it’s the i-Care Healthy Technology which also gained recognition from the Taiwan Excellence.

Body Charger does not only offer the products, but also the system solutions for all users of health, sub-health, or physiotherapy and incorporates the latest scientific theory into our patented approach.

Body Charger Fitness GB7007 Recumbent Linear Stepper

Could you share with us the recently Taiwan Excellence awarded product, the GB7007 Recumbent Linear Stepper? What are the special features about it?

The GB7007 Recumbent Linear Stepper provides a solution for those who want a low-impact and full-body workout. The innovative linear stepping motion is incredibly smooth and easy on joints for those under rehabilitation or in need of physiotherapy and elderly people.

What is special about it is that this is a wheelchair-friendly and the safest total body exercise product which helps the physiology trainer assist the disabled, rehabilitation user or elder to enter or leave the seat much easier. Apart from that, its orthopedic foot and heel support was intended to reduce the danger of injury, increase support to frail joints, or alleviate pressure brought about by work out.

180 Degree adjustable seat

The Recumbent Linear Stepper a 180° swiveling seat, 3-levels of recline settings, and 14-levels of overall position adjustment, with multi-position ergo handles which provide you a convenient, comfortable position for exercising your upper body.

For athletes who are undergoing their recovery, this Recumbent Linear Stepper produces less resistance at the beginning which makes it easier to operate. It is also designed to reduce the risk of injury, increase support to weak joints, or relieve pressure caused by exercise.

Smart Console

There has been a rise in digital fitness platforms. What is so special about the Smart Console? How can it benefit athletes?

Other than that, what we do to the Recumbent Linear Stepper is that we integrated with Smart Console – an exclusive brand game program to keep on the physical and cognitive state that helps users return to ADL soon.

The Smart Console provides an interactive program that makes the workout more engaging. For the elder people, it also helps increase recognition for far away dementia. For athletes who are undergoing their recovery period, this is useful in strengthening their body ability. You will also be able to read your workout analysis data from the Smart Console.

There is also a specific heart rate control program to optimize your workout. You can download your workout report with the USB port connecting to the device. It can be synced with your smartphone.

What are the products that are most suitable for cyclists and runners in helping them improve their athletic performance?

Recently, we have a new line called the i-Care Healthy technology. Body Charger equipment is compatible with intelligent i-Care Healthy Technology that is owned by Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.

i-Care is the whole new training method that gives users confidence in their training, helping them drive for the best health improvement in a specific workout.

Rehab Motorized Treadmill GGT8600RF

How can runners benefit from Body Charger Fitness?

We have a treadmill called the Rehab Motorized Treadmill GGT8600RF. It has an elevation level from 0 up to 15% which helps you work for different muscle groups, especially for the senior or rehabilitation users to strengthen their muscles, maintain residual muscle condition and improve flexibility.

The running area entrance is much wider for the limited mobility users to easily get into the treadmill for running. It is also designed with a bi-directional belt which allows you to walk or run backward. Not only it tones your muscles, but also works on your balance.

What future plans do you have in introducing Body Charger Fitness to the Malaysian market?

We are not just looking for a distributor, we are also expecting to deal with high-end residentials, gyms, clubs, and planning to work with physiotherapy centers, hospitals, medical care, and even government sectors.

Body Charger Fitness is quite a new brand in Malaysia, what would you like our readers to remember about Body Charger Fitness?

In fact, it is not easy to build up a new brand. We are trying to build up brand awareness in the future. Especially the Active Series is a new product line that is going to be marketed in Malaysia, but I would say, all of our products are designed originally, and we have patented our products, innovations, and designs. Not only Body Charger produces fitness equipment, but also provides wellness solutions for commercial facilities, physiotherapy needs, elderly people, and rehabilitation.

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