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Mark your calendars as the UA COMBINE returns to Malaysia for its second edition, promising an exhilarating test of your abilities.

Following its highly successful debut, the UA COMBINE, one of the region’s most prominent fitness competitions, is set to return for a second year.

In its inaugural year, the UA COMBINE attracted an impressive participation of 1,200 individuals across four countries in the region: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia.

This signifies the growing popularity and reach of the event as fitness enthusiasts strive to test their skills and push their limits.

Building on the spirit of Under Armour’s iconic “Protect This House” motto, the upcoming UA COMBINE will not only challenge participants individually but also emphasize the importance of teamwork.

Athletes will embark on a journey filled with various tests designed to push their limits and foster camaraderie. The event will take place at the iconic Sentul Depot, bringing together athletes from diverse sports and training disciplines.

They will compete against each other, vying for a chance to win a share of the impressive total cash prize pool amounting to RM51,000. This year’s edition promises to be an exhilarating and rewarding experience for all participants.

In a bid to inspire and support younger athletes, Under Armour has made an exciting update to the UA COMBINE.

This year, the entry age has been lowered to include athletes aged 16 to 18. By expanding the eligibility criteria, Under Armour aims to provide an opportunity for the younger generation to showcase their skills and potential.

To further incentivize their participation, the top male and female youths in this age category will have a chance to win a one-year Under Armour product sponsorship worth RM4,500 each. This sponsorship serves as a testament to Under Armour’s commitment to nurturing and empowering promising young athletes.

Mark your calendars for an exciting event!

The UA COMBINE 2023 is scheduled to take place on 9th September 2023. Starting from 8th May 2023, registration will open for 350 competitors eager to participate.

As a special perk, all participating athletes will receive a complete set of Under Armour competitor gear on the event day, ensuring they are fully equipped for the challenges ahead.

During the UA COMBINE, competitors will put their skills to the test in a series of eight physical and mental challenges. These tests have been designed by Under Armour’s Global Head of Athlete Performance, Michael Watts, and will assess various aspects of the athletes’ abilities, including agility, stamina, vertical jump, power, endurance, strength, speed, and cognition.

Points will be awarded for each completed test, and athletes will be ranked based on their overall performance. Exciting rewards await the top performers, with cash prizes and medals up for grabs. In the men’s division, the first-place athlete will receive RM15,000, the second-place athlete RM7,500, and the third-place athlete RM3,000. Similarly, in the women’s division, the top three athletes will be awarded cash prizes of RM15,000, RM7,500, and RM3,000, respectively.

Get ready to push your limits and compete for glory at the UA COMBINE 2023! For further information about UA COMBINE 2023, including competition rules and registration process, please visit the official website at https://uacombinemy.com/.

The 8 tests will focus on:

  1. AGILITY: Agility Star Drill
  2. STAMINA: Pull-up Beep Test
  3. VERTICAL : Vertical Jump Test
  4. POWER: 20m Sled Push
  5. ENDURANCE: 20m Beep Test
  6. STRENGTH: 3RM Bench Press
  7. SPEED: 40 Yard Dash
  8. COGNITION: Reactive Intelligence Wall

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