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Running is more than a hobby.

Everyone runs with a different set of goals and motivations.

No matter what you are working on, that are bound to be days when you don’t feel like showing up. There will be workouts that you don’t feel like starting. The most challenging part is how to start, how to be motivated at the beginning, how to maintain until the end.

And it’s all about maximizing: “What’s the best possible thing I could do right now?” However, there’s always a way around to make things up. Run with Under Armour HOVR™  Footwear and UA MapMyRun App.

Run with Under Armour HOVR™  Footwear and UA MapMyRun App.

As they say: “You can play to win, or you can play not to lose.”

You can start by building small routines and patterns that help you overcome the daily battles, then you will continue the slow stride towards greatness even when the going gets tough.

Put the Under Armour HOVR running shoe on. Connect it with the UA MapMyRun App to achieve your running goals. The HOVR technology in the running shoe improves your stride with real-time Form Coaching.

Image above is UA HOVR Machina 2, HOVR Infinite 3, HOVR Sonic 4.

Don’t worry if you feel demotivated running alone, you can get uplifted by the virtual coach from the UA MapMyRun App to provide you live feedback and custom advice on how to improve your running performance delivered audibly during a run.

The HOVR running shoe, connecting to the App, not only allows you to track basic statistics like your running distance, pace, and splits, but also more advanced gait metrics like cadence and stride length. With a digital sensor embedded in the midsole, you can easily collect your metrics sent via Bluetooth to the App, and evaluate your precise progress and check your historical data, which allow for better pace prediction and planning for future runs.

Image above is UA HOVR™ Machina 2 Running Shoe.

How to connect your UA HOVR running shoe with the MapMyRun App?

To pair your UA HOVR running shoe with your phone, please first verify that you have purchased the correct pair of shoes.

At this time, several different shoe models contain the technology required to connect your shoes to your app. To be certain that you purchased the correct model, check for a Bluetooth logo on every pair of in-sole or outer box. To learn more, check out the UA website.

Once you have confirmed your shoes are equipped with a Bluetooth sensor, please review the following to ensure a successful pairing:

MapMyRun App.
  1. Download and install the latest version of MapMyRun. If you already have a MapMy app installed, please double-check the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for an upgrade before pairing your shoes.
  2. Log in or create an account with MapMyRun. Open the app and either create a new account by pressing “Join Now,” or log in using your email and password.

Once you’ve logged into the app, the default page is the “Track Workout” screen. From here, tap the shoe icon in the top right corner of the screen.

If you have not paired any other UA Connected Footwear, tap “Connect Now” to continue.

If you have paired UA Connected Footwear before, your shoes will appear here, even if they are now retired. To set up a new pair of shoes, tap the + icon in the upper right, then tap the “Connect Now” button from the screenshot above.

Next, the app will instruct you to set your right shoe on a flat surface for 5 seconds. This is preferable to wearing the shoes during the initial setup. After 5 seconds, tap “Search for Shoes” to begin the Bluetooth scan for your footwear.

Follow the onscreen prompt to gently tap or move your right shoe to wake up the sensor. This allows it to be discoverable by the app. 

After your shoes connect, tap “Continue” to advance to a mandatory firmware update.

MapMyRun App.

Whether you’re training for your PB (Personal Best), or just keep in shape, perhaps you just want to be motivated for today and for the coming days ahead, the Under Armour HOVR can make the difference between a rave run and a blown goal.

If you can get your cadence right, your running is going to feel a lot easier. And if you can optimize your cadence, then you’ll reduce the amount of impact your body feels when it makes contact with the

The perfect combination of the Under Armour HOVR and UA MapMyRun App is ready to keep you moving and motivated. Now, you might want to include them in your running regime.

Image above is the Under Armour ISO-Chill Collection.
Image above is the Under Armour ISO-Chill Collection.
Image above is the Under Armour ISO-Chill Collection.

Wait, you need the right apparel to complement your runs.

Choosing the right running apparel is crucial. One of the reasons we love running so much is because of the simplicity. We do not need a bag full of equipment, but a set of suitable running apparel that is calm, pleasant, and comfortable to the run.

As the saying goes: “It’s not poor weather, it’s a poor choice of clothing.” It is extremely vital to have the right apparels for our workouts. To make exercising more effective, the comfort is key.

Being true to its name, the Iso-Chill fabric feels cool the instant you put it on. Like an ice pack built right in, its ribbon-shaped nylon fibers disperse body heat, while titanium dioxide – the stuff in sunscreen pulls away heat. You feel cooler, so you can play longer.

The Iso-Chill Collection with sweat-wicking technology is made of breathable, ventilated materials which wick away perspiration and regulate your body temperature. For those that get too warm during a workout, this collection is here to keep you cool and motivated.

These garments have been designed to maximize comfort during exercise, providing reinforced support, and ease of movement, and shock absorption keeping me cool, dry, and light for your workouts. Most importantly, they prevent chafing.

Image above is the Under Armour ISO-Chill Collection.
Image above is the Under Armour ISO-Chill Collection.
Image above is the Under Armour ISO-Chill Collection.

More about the Iso-Chill Collection

The Under Armour Iso-Chill breaks shirt construction all the way down to the threads, introducing a proprietary yarn that literally pulls heat away from the body the same way ice pulls heat out of liquids.

The product innovation team at Under Armour found that a ribbon-shaped nylon fiber would best disperse heat, making your skin feel cool, and by simultaneously treating fabrics with titanium dioxide, it would pull heat away from the skin, physically making you cooler.

The effect is an instant cooling sensation that has to be felt to be believed – like wrapping yourself with the cool side of your pillow and it lasts all day long. No longer does the summer mean suffering, with UA Iso-Chill, the outdoors can be loose and breezy again, in any situation, giving you the tools to push you beyond what you ever thought possible.

The proof is in the ice testing showed that athletes wearing Iso-Chill take 7-12% longer to hit their VO2 max. Now you can run, train, and stay outside longer, so you can keep getting better.

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