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Running is more than just a sport!

Some of you pick up running as an evening recreation. Some people enjoy participating in marathons. Some runners go a little bit more extreme, hitting miles and miles to achieve a sense of self-accomplishment.

aminoVITAL® celebrates the joys of running, inspires others to get moving, and encourages everyone to live a healthier and active life – by running!

Whether you love the tarmac or the trails, the possibilities are endless – so are the benefits!

  • Running improves your immunity.

Light or moderate running can boost your body’s immune system by circulating protective cells through the body faster, and help fight off infections and inflammations. People who run or exercise aerobically experience fewer days of sickness from common cold and other Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI).

  • Running improves your heart health.

As more muscles are used in your quads and calves as you run, your cardiac strength will increase. A stronger heart can pump more blood out with every beat, making your entire cardiovascular system more efficient and resilient.

  • Running improves your mental health.

With an enhanced immune and cardiovascular system, your mood will also be improved. Easy to moderate runs can help with reducing the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in our bodies.

How to start running?

Here are the tips on how to pick up running and unleash your full potential – the right way:

  • Start slow. Yes, slower than you think.

You are ready to run. That’s good news! But don’t start out running too fast. Running mistakes can lead to injuries. You probably get so excited about your running that you clock too much mileage, too fast, without taking any time off to rest and recover.

“More is better” is not effective as it often develops common overuse running injuries such as shin splints, runner’s knee or ITB syndrome. Activity and fitness trackers can help keep you motivated and on track with your running goals too!

Choose the ideal surface.

  • Road Running

One of the most popular types of running is road running. It includes running on paved roads, paths, and sidewalks. It is the most convenient type of running and the easiest way to start your running journey.

  • Treadmill Running

A great alternative to running outside is treadmill running. Running on a treadmill is a smart choice if the weather is unpleasant. Most treadmills allow you to change your pace, incline, and resistance so you can simulate outdoor running.

  • Trail Running

For those who enjoy nature, trail running is a great option. It usually takes place on hiking trails of varying terrain, from deserts to mountains. You may find yourself sidestepping roots, climbing over logs, running through streams or traversing up steep hills.

Invest in the right gears.

You don’t really need much to start running. It all starts with the right gears. The most important feature of a running shoe is comfort. Choose a pair of shoes that suits your feet.

When it comes to clothes, stick with lightweight pants, shorts, and shirts designed for exercise. The key is to look for sweat-wicking material. And for ladies, don’t forget a supportive sports bra.

Fuel your run with the right supplements.

Water is the most important, yet overlooked nutrient for athletes. Water and fluids are essential to keep your body hydrated. Not just plain water, aminoVITAL® which contains amino acids mainly BCAAs are also an important source of energy during running which contributes to a better muscle endurance for that extra boost.

Fitting your running with the right supplements enables you to achieve optimal body weight and body fat levels for improved performance. Proteins are the main component of muscle and are made of amino acids.

aminoVITAL® contains a proprietary blend of amino acids that helps improve endurance and it can be absorbed by the body in just 30 minutes! It makes aminoVITAL the ideal sports drink, especially for running.

  • Take some time to let your body recover.

If you wish to improve your running performance, your body should adapt to the new demands on the cardiovascular system and prepare your muscles and bones for the next run rather than make your body fully worked out and lose the motivation for the next round.

You should work smart on how you recover and get plenty of rest. Recovery includes hydration, nutrition, physical therapy, and stress management.

Amino acids, mainly BCAAs, are essential for recovery. aminoVITAL® Apple Jelly Flavoured Drink with Amino Acid is a jelly drink that contains 3,000mg amino acids, that helps reduce muscle fatigue and promote muscle recovery. It is best to consume 30 minutes before and right after your running for best results.

The reality and the absolute beauty of running, come rain or shine, everyone can do it!

Not only running aids us in the pursuit of happiness, but also the pursuit of health and wellness.

First timers, long timers, or old timers, get yourselves up and out onto the trails, you will find your purpose of running and how it will transform your life.

With the BCAAs in aminoVITAL®, it helps in making your running process a smooth journey, helping to strengthen one’s muscle endurance and promote better recovery process for a great running experience.

So, if you have not tried running, you should now! And make sure to give aminoVITAL® a try today and feel the difference yourself. To know more about aminoVITAL®, visit their –

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