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Experience the pinnacle of running innovation as Mizuno unveils the second edition of the Wave Rebellion PRO and FLASH.

Crafted with precision and purpose, each shoe embodies Mizuno’s dedication to exceeding expectations and catering to the discerning needs of elite runners.

Shall we explore together the transformative potential of these footwear marvels, poised to inspire and elevate your running journey to unprecedented levels of excellence?

Introducing the Mizuno Wave Rebellion PRO 2

The launch of the Mizuno Wave Rebellion PRO 2 reaffirms the brand’s commitment to pushing performance boundaries.

Renowned for its innovative midsole geometry, the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is designed for runners who land farther forward, making it ideal for midfoot or heel strikers aiming for faster paces.

With its exaggerated heel level extending to the posterior midfoot, this racing shoe promises an exhilarating experience, as evidenced by its upcoming appearance at the Osaka Marathon.

The combination of Enerzy Lite+ and Enerzy Lite ensures a responsive and energy-efficient ride, especially suited for tempo and half marathon paces. However, the snug fit of the upper may require adjustments for some runners.

Tailored for marathoners and long-distance runners

The Wave Rebellion Pro 2 caters specifically to marathoners and long-distance runners who strive to beat their personal bests. Its innovative design, blending support, durability, and cushioning ensure it’s the perfect companion for those embarking on extensive journeys with confidence and comfort.

With every stride, athletes experience the sensation of breaking through barriers and exceeding their expectations, fueling their determination to reach new heights in their athletic endeavours.

Beyond mere footwear, the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 represents a gateway to new triumphs and advancements in long-distance running.

Unleashing Speed: The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2

The Mizuno Rebellion Flash 2 deviates from its predecessor with a design influenced by the Rebellion Pro series. Designed as a plated lightweight trainer, it offers a performance-oriented fit and ride. Its thin, light upper delivers a snug, tapered fit, albeit requiring some initial adjustment for a secure feel.

Featuring a bouncy sole with geometry optimized for runners landing farther forward, the shoe incorporates a glass fiber-infused nylon plate that lends a snappy feel during faster paces and provides mild guidance through midfoot wings.

Ideal for faster runs and uptempo miles in training, the Flash 2 represents a significant departure from its predecessor, drawing inspiration from its racing counterpart, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro.

Functioning as a training companion to the Rebellion Pro 2 super shoe, the Wave Rebellion Flash 2 shares similarities with the Rebellion Pro 1 but with added durability and considerations for training.

Its unique geometry, combined with the Enerzy Lite+ top layer midsole, delivers a pronounced rolling sensation and enhanced bounce at toe-off.

Unlike the carbon plate found in the Rebellion Pro model, the Flash 2 utilizes a nylon plate. With its highly rockered design, this versatile shoe excels across various paces and distances.

Designed for daily training and agile speed.

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 is designed for sprinters and speed enthusiasts who crave the thrill of fast-paced runs.

Perfect for those who prioritize agility and responsiveness, these shoes are ideal for individuals who want to feel light and swift like the wind.

Whether sprinting on the track or racing against the clock, the Flash 2 offers an immediate response that transforms every impulse into acceleration, making it the ultimate choice for speed lovers.

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