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In a bid to shatter personal records, two amateur Malaysian runners, Jason Tan and Kay Khalish, embarked on a monumental journey to the Osaka Marathon with Mizuno Asia.

Armed with their courage and the revolutionary Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2, they aimed to surpass their previous achievements and conquer the challenges of one of Japan’s most prestigious races.

Jason, whose previous personal best stood at 2 hours and 45 minutes, and Khalish, with a record of 4 hours and 7 minutes, saw the Osaka Marathon as a chance to challenge themselves.

However, the tropical climate of Malaysia had not equipped them for the frigid and rainy conditions they would face on race day, adding an extra layer of difficulty to their already gruelling endeavour.

Despite their extensive training and meticulous preparation, the Osaka Marathon proved to be a mental and physical battle from start to finish.

As the starting gun echoed through the streets of Osaka, Jason and Khalish surged forward, their determination unwavering despite the ominous clouds overhead.

“Today, we push ourselves like never before.”

Jason, harbouring hopes of finishing below 2 hours and 40 minutes, found himself struggling as early as the 25-kilometer mark.

As the kilometres stretched on and the rain intensified, the true test of their resolve began. For Jason, hopes of a sub-2:40 finish began to fade as fatigue set in. “Around 25 kilometres,” he recalled, “that’s when the real marathon starts. Legs cramping, pace dropping… it was survival mode.”

As fatigue set in and his legs threatened to cramp, he was forced into survival mode, pushing through the pain to cross the finish line in 3 hours and 53 minutes, slightly shy of his goal but still a personal best.

Meanwhile, Khalish found himself grappling with his demons. “At 33 kilometres,” he recounted, “the course started rolling, and my legs turned to jelly. Mentally, I hit a wall. But I knew I had to keep going.”

Similarly, Khalish encountered his challenges on the course, particularly during the final 5 kilometres when fatigue began to take its toll.

Mentally blocked and physically exhausted, he pushed through the pain barrier, his legs feeling like jelly as he approached the finish line.

Despite the frustration and struggle, Khalish completed the race with a burst of emotion, crossing the finish line amid nail-biting weather conditions.

“To finish in those conditions, this is something we will never forget.”

Both runners pressed on, albeit the challenges, their spirits buoyed by the cheers of spectators lining the route. And as they approached the finish line, exhaustion gave way to elation.

In the aftermath of the race, Jason and Khalish reflected on their journey, grateful for the opportunity to push their boundaries and emerge stronger for the experience.

With Mizuno Asia’s support and the cutting-edge technology of the Wave Rebellion Pro 2, they had not only rewritten their records but also proved that with determination and the right equipment, anything is possible on race day.

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