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Professional rider Sofian Nabil, with the courage to step out of his comfort zone, turned his passion for riding into a profession becoming an entrepreneur. The 27-year-old national and UCI continental rider differs from one rider to another. He is not just a racer on bike, but also an owner of a bicycle shop.

Nabil started the Lion Bike Studio as he has seen the popular demand and needs in cycling. The young entrepreneur wants to offer bicycles, cycling accessories, components, and services at affordable prices, so that more people have the opportunity and ability to afford a new hobby.

With his experience, depth of knowledge, the down-to-earth rider cum entrepreneur promises to do his best to meet everyone’s request as well as share his skills with more beginner riders. “As long as I am capable of helping the community, I will try my best,” said Nabil.

For everything from road bikes, mountain bikes, cycling computers, handle bars, bicycle lights, water bottles, bicycle maintenance, and more, the Lion Bike Studio will be your go-to bicycle source. “However, we only carry Alcott and Megamo bicycles in the shop. I hope more people can afford to get a decent bicycle and take up cycling,” said the bike shop owner.

We shouldn’t treat a ride like a race. Cycling should be fun and exciting. During his off-season, the professional rider will be casually riding everywhere around the town, and lounging around at his newly opened bike shop. A new business venture definitely does not come easy, behind several years intense races and gruelling training stands a humble, dedicated, and hard working young chap, Sofian Nabil. 

Lion Bike Studio

Address: 27, Jalan LP 1A/2, Taman Lestari Perdana, Seri Kembangan, Serdang, 43300, Selangor

Phone: 011-23182143

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