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“I hope someone would massage my feet now.” Sounds familiar? Yes, it happens to every one of us. After a long hike, long distance run or walking all day shopping in the mall, our feet get sore and tired. But, not every one of us has the luxury of having someone to massage our feet when we need it.

Oofos Ooriginal Unisex Forest Green

We discovered a solution recently with the OOFOS. World of Sports brought in this American recovery sandal brand into Malaysia about a year ago. When we were first being introduced to the sandals, we were not very excited with them. Maybe just because the designs of the sandals were not of our liking.

Oofos Oocloog Black

Don’t judge a book by its cover! We were offered a pair of the OOFOS recovery sandals. As we slipped our feet into the sandals, the immediate feeling was as if someone was pressing the bottom of our foot with his thumbs. It felt like someone is massaging our feet.

Oofos Ooriginal Sport Unisex Aqua

For some people, you might feel a little uncomfortable at first. You might feel that you are stepping on a hard object at the center of your feet. You will appreciate the feeling after walking with the sandals for a short while when the stiffness of your sore feet starts easing off.

Oofos Ooriginal Sport Unisex Pink

Thanks to the unique OOFOAM™ technology. Performance shoe foam is designed to rebound and propel you forwards. OOFOAM™ does the opposite by absorbing 37% more impact to reduce stress and pressure on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

What’s more? OOFOS sandals are extremely lightweight, and packed with comfort and cushioning. The sandals are ideal for hikers to bring along during a hike. We are not recommending you to hike with the sandals but to replace them with your hiking boots once you are done with your hike.

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