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The Puma UltraRide is designed to remove excess materials for a light feel and responsive ride.

Created for runners looking to reach their next running goal, it is built on the foundation of Reductionist Theory as it reduces weight with outsole cutaways to leave runners with the basic running essentials: cushioning and responsiveness for limitless potential. A light, airy upper and supportive midsole plate merge through a dynamic bridge design.

With a responsive cushioning system, the Puma Ultraride is a neutral running shoe suitable for people with normal gaits or those who do not overpronate. It is made of the ProFoam Lite midsole – light and bouncy foam that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. 

 Coupled with the Propulsion Plate, this shoe provides a reflex toe-off and propels you forward. The engineered plate in the UltraRide provides midfoot stability for a smoother gait cycle and provides a snappy forefoot sensation that propels the runner through every stride. Also, you get both internal and external TPU heel counters to keep the heel locked down. 

The upper is a breathable open-holed mesh with a dynamic overlay system for maximum ventilation throughout the shoe. You also won’t have any problem draining water on a rainy day or sweat on a steamy day. 

The outsole is made of rubber with cut-aways and visible undersock, ideal for running on paved surfaces and tracks. The outsole cut-aways save weight maximizing power transfer at forefoot toe-off. This running shoe can also be a nice companion for short to moderate runs and daily training.

 The Puma UltraRide is retailing at RM 469, available on https://my.puma.com.

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