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At the onset of the global pandemic, Malaysia has also initiated movement restrictions throughout the nation. You may be finding it tougher to exercise, and it can be difficult to find the motivation to run.

This 2021, the ultimate goal is to bring positive changes to the communities and empower women and encourage them to be bolder and more confident through sports.

During the Malaysian lockdown, we have been working out with Nike Run Club (NRC), at the same time, testing out the new Nike React Infinity Run 2. NRC has been a life-saver during this difficult period as it has the tools we need to run better, including GPS run tracking, audio guided runs, weekly, monthly, and custom distance challenges, customised coaching plans, and social interaction from your friends.

It is definitely okay to run alone out there. NRC helps track your progress, such as getting off the details you need – pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits. It has a greater control over what you see during your run. Other that than, you can easily compare and compete with friends and other runners. Just hashtag your running distance and specific goals to see where you stand.

After your workout, you can also personalise your posts by adding photos, stats and stickers, then customise who sees it. Workout can be fun and less boring, despite the hardship everyone is going through.

What is new in the Nike React Infinity Run 2?

The Nike React Infinity Run 2 gets and improved Flyknit upper that intends to provide more strength and support to the toes, eyelets and foxing, and with more breathability in areas like the vamp and the midfoot. For more support in the lateral movements on the track or tar, the shoes are provided with Flywire cables throughout the upper.

Nike React Foam

Nike has been claiming that the Nike React Infinity would help runners avoid injury. The Infinity Run 2 is a new version of the everyday running shoe, a high amount of protection while reducing the risk of running-related injuries. The high foam stack heights provide a soft, responsive feel and long-lasting comfort. The Nike React foam midsole offers zonal performance, supporting the 3 phases of your stride – flexibility at toe-off, a smooth ride at midstance and cushioning at contact.

Nike React Infinity Run 2 reduces injuries by 52%.

Based on a study through the North Star Sports Medicine Research in British Columbia where runners followed a 12-week variable training programme ending in a half-marathon, the Nike React Infinity Run 2 reduces injuries at a similar rate as the Nike React Infinity Run, which, in a separate study, was shown to reduce injuries by 52% compared to the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22, Nike’s traditional motion control shoe.

Full-length Patterned Outsole

A wide area for your toes offers added stability, while the full-length patterned outsole gives you long-lasting traction. The increased rubber at the outsole helps deliver durability. There is an extra padding in the heel collar, as well as a modified tongue construction, adding more security, increasing overall comfort, and more plush without adding weight or bulk. It also delivers a fun energising underfoot feeling so you stay enthused about running.

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