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Do you listen to music while running or working out? Running becomes easier and enjoyable with music and it gives you a good tempo and motivation to run further and work harder.

Listening to music can certainly enhance your running experience, but you will need the right device, the right music, and proper attention to safety to maximize its benefits. 

With Shokz OpenRun Pro bone-conduction headphones, you can free your run without holding a music player throughout the run. You can forget about everything else and focus on yourself, your music, and your environment – no wires, no worries. 

The OpenRun Pro sports headphones feature the latest 9th generation bone conduction technology with two added bass enhancers and the signature situational awareness and comfortable open-ear fit.

This bone-conduction headphone does not block out any traffic noise but it does keep you undisturbed and unflustered. Unlike the traditional method of drivers blasting audio into your ear canals, it works by playing sound wave vibrations on top of bones, which then transmit the waves into the cochlea, or inner ear bypassing the delicate eardrum. 

It plays tunes through your cheekbones, you are able to detect ambient noise while going outdoor, leaving your ears free to hear what is going on around. Paired with your iPhone and a downloaded song list, the OpenRun Pro is just about the ideal replacement for the usual earphones. It is comfortable, wireless, lightweight, and sweat-resistant.  

Open-Ear Comfort

The OpenRun Pro feature SHOKZ proprietary bone conduction technology, with an open-ear design that ensures long-lasting comfort. It ensures you enjoy your favorite music with an awareness of your environment for improved connection and safety compared to traditional earbuds.

Premium Sound Quality

Experience premium audio delivered through your cheekbone with the 9th bone conduction technology. Engineered with Shokz TurboPitch technology, the OpenRun Pro features the best listening experience with clear sound, powerful volume, and rich bass.

Water Resistance

With an IP55 water resistance rating, the OpenRun Pro headphones protect against dust and moisture, ensuring that the headphones can withstand rainy runs, sweaty rides, and the grittiest of outdoor conditions. An IP55 rating that weathers dust and moisture, so they are durable enough to withstand rainy runs, sweaty rides, or other gritty conditions.

Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Engineered with a dual noise-canceling microphone, the OpenRun Pro headphones let you make a call anywhere, and the advanced microphone provides crystal-clear calls on both ends.

Extensive Battery Life

Enjoy ten continuous hours of music, calls, and podcasts with your Bluetooth headphones. OpenRun Pro also features a 5-minute quick charge for up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

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