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As athletes continue to find new ways to put in work during this new normal, the UA HOVR Apex 2 provides the versatility needed to adapt, overcome and conquer your next workout. UA HOVR technology expanded into the training category for the first time, increasing responsive cushioning and energy return for athletes rep after rep.

The second iteration of the HOVR Apex further raises the bar with an engineered mesh upper for added breathability and comfort. The uniquely constructed upper is fit with an abrasion-resistant pattern that adds durability for countless burpees, ladder drills, tire flips, or wherever else your workout may take you.

The UA HOVR Apex 2 boasts unmatched stability through a new streamlined support strap. A reimagined strap design not only adds to the aesthetic, but draws the heel back, locking it in place for an enhanced fit. When combined with UA TriBase technology in the outsole, UA HOVR Apex 2 provides maximum ground control and flexibility so athletes can push, run and jump by powering through their forefoot without compromise.

Comfort, support, durability and power are woven together into the UA HOVR Apex 2. The versatility that results equips athletes with the capability to perform in the moment and conquer the unexpected. The UA HOVR Apex 2 is available now in men and women sizes, retailing at RM 629 and available at all Under Armour brand houses and online store at (www.underarmour.com.my).

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