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It may seem farfetched to seek trail and ultra running advice from the pro athletes around the world. However, Vert.runcan make it work!

If you’re planning to get started in trail running or venture into ultra running, Vert.run provides free and affordable online training programs for trail runners, of all levels.

With Vert.run, you can obtain training plans from professional trail runners like Ruth Croft, Vlad Ixel, Hillary Allen, Dylan Bowman, and more.

The journey of Vert.run

Vert.run was started out about two years ago by three passionate trail runners, with the aim to provide the right guidelines to beginners of trail running. Trail running is not only for professional athletes and people who are experienced in endurance sports, Vert.run also aims to bust these assumptions of trail running.

After an unexpected overwhelming response of 6,000 users who had used Vert.run’s free training plans via email, they realised there was a huge opportunity to educate people, make trail running community more open, welcoming and feel intimidated by the sport.

They later started doing these free plans up to 30 kilometres and also offering one-on-one coaching. However, there was a big gap between the people who wanted basic training and who were able to pay for a premium coaching service. That’s how they came up with Vert.run and $25 USD/month “Explore” training plans, which offer more specific and tailored training plans at a more affordable price.

Vert.run makes trail running training accessible

Vert.run partners with professional trail runners and ultra runners in order to make their training philosophies accessible to everyone.

The training platform was crafted for every runner to receive a set of workouts that correctly fits their needs, levels of experience, and schedules.

When someone signs up on the platform, be it free training plans or paid training plans, they need to answer a series of questions about their experiences. Based on that, the platform is able to correctly assign the workouts that fit that person’s profile.

With the paid training plans which cost 25 USD per month, Vert.run then manually adapts each plan to fit each athlete’s profile, needs, and schedule. This is to ensure that each runner trains correctly, safely, and effectively.

How does Vert.run collaborate with pro athletes

Vert.run collaborates directly with pro athletes offering them their platform, customer support structure and marketing to help their specific training programs reach a bigger audience in the sport.

Besides that, Vert.run provides everything including bi-weekly reading of each runner’s workout comments, responding to them, adjusting their plan to fit their schedule, adapting workouts to correctly fit each runners level, so that people can feel accompanied along the journey.

Every professional athlete has a story to tell, so Vert.run plays a role in sharing their training philosophy and bringing some amazing trainings and advice to the other runners who want to feel closer to the pro athletes.

Why should runners choose Vert.run

The main reason of the start-up was because of their dedication to trail and ultra running. More importantly, they strived to fill the big gap in what was available training-wise for trail and ultra runners. Before the availability of Vert.run, the only options were either paying for private, one-on-one coaching or using a “one size fits all” PDF plan.

Vert.run wanted to give people the chance to train correctly, even if they couldn’t afford private coaching. Therefore, they founded the training platform. More people who discover trail running aren’t ready to pay for private coaching, but they absolutely need guidance. That’s why free training plans were available for the runners.

In addition to giving new and existing trail runners the chance to be a part of a bigger community and encouraging more people to try out trail running, Vert.run offers the tools and training plans, at either a free or affordable price, to progress correctly in the sport.

Vert.run is constantly working to have new contents related to trail running and training. They’re working on adding more Pro Athlete plans to the platform, in order to provide a bigger selection of plans for runners.

Having a better and more robust platform is one of Vert.run’s goals, so runners would have a more pleasant experience accessing to the training plans. And the ultimate ambition is to encourage and welcome more people to join the community!

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