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The COVID-19 lockdown has turned better, which means getting back to trails.

If you are not sure about how to start dealing with trails all over again, or if you find the terrain a little daunting, professional trail runner Vlad Ixel launched a training plan collaboration with Vert.run, specifically designed to transition trail and ultra runners back to the trails after the lockdowns around the world.

Whether you are an experienced trail runner or an absolute beginner, you will sure be thrilled to find out that Vlad Ixel has to offer.

Vlad Ixel not only delivers a solid plan to build a trail foundation, but also has solid convictions about the importance of nailing the basics of trail base building such as core, strength, mobility and stretching before getting into more hardcore and long-distance performance.

With a lot of people coming out of confinement or a period of inactivity due to the global pandemic, Vlad guides people through both trail running fundamentals. He also provides the correct amount of running and specific guidelines for people to restart or start training again.

Vlad’s hand-made 4-week program will cover uphill & downhill reinforcement, stability, core, leg & ankle strength, speed work, tempo & long runs.

Find out more on https://vert.run/vlad-ixel/

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