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COROS Pace 2 is an entry-level GPS watch, offering all the features sport enthusiasts will ever want to use while training on the roads, off the roads, even in the water. Not only it is affordable, it is packed with detailed tracking for a good range of sports and the ability to set workouts to follow.

At just 29 grams, it is claimed the lightest GPS watch. The Pace 2 is 40 percent lighter than the original model, with its redesigned features and a new lightweight Nylon strap. However, the COROS Pace 2 weighs in at 36 grams with its default silicone strap. It is so light that it makes it particularly well suited to smaller wrists and it is comfortable to wear it at all times.

The screen is not a touch-screen display, but is color. The display is 1.2” and has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. It is capable of displaying 64 different colors. There are many watch faces to choose from most featuring large cartoonish and highly visible time digits. They can be selected in the Coros app or directly on the watch with multiple selectable color options.

With 30 hours of continual GPS battery life, you will only need to charge the Pace 2 every week or two. Even when you’re using it for outdoor training almost every day, it can last up to ten days, without interrupting your fitness performance. The battery life in full GPS mode has a 20 percent increase from the original Pace.

Besides the long-lasting battery life, it includes 20 days of tracking heart rate and sleeping, triggering backlight, measuring steps, getting notifications and even alarms every day. You can leave your charger behind, and travel for your next race, game or holiday without having to worry about it.

The GPS watch carries almost all features from Running Mode, Trail Running Mode, Cycling Mode, Ski Mode, Strength Mode, Swimming mode and more. With a 50-meter water proof rating, you can wear the watch to track your activities in the water.

If you’re an active runner, the Pace 2 measures Running Power from your wrist, so you can train using the latest metric that tells you how efficiently you’re running. The metrics are targeted towards those who want to focus solely on performance. Coros has also developed unique HR algorithms for each activity mode to provide you with best in class wrist-based heart rate accuracy.

It can connect to a variety of external sensors via either Bluetooth or ANT+, including running and cycling power meters, and chest strap heart rate monitors. You can synchronise your workout with any third part services such as STRAVA, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health, and more.

The Pace 2 autodetects your body movements and monitors your heart rate to measure your calories burned. After your workout check out the all new muscle heatmap to see which muscle groups saw the most action in a daily, weekly, or monthly view, to help determine your next block of training.

Night Mode is your always-on mode for nighttime activities. It leaves the backlight on for the entirety of your workout. A light bright enough so your eyes can adjust and read in the dark but dim enough to maintain superior battery performance throughout your run or ride, even when needed all night long.

At just RM899, the Corors Pace 2 delivers optimal functionality. Available on https://coros.my/wp/

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