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Fitness enthusiasts and runners have gathered at The Waterfront, Desa ParkCity over the weekend to experience speed and innovation at the New Balance Fuel Ground event. Not only did they put their agility, speed, and endurance to the test over the 2-day multifaceted event but they also stepped out of their comfort zone. 

Participants and visitors of The Waterfront, Desa ParkCity, a rallying cry for a global generation to fearlessly redefine themselves in pursuit of their passions. Through this campaign, New Balance strives to empower everyone to live life on their own terms, always in the now. 

This event was an open invitation to both aspiring and experienced runners who are looking for the right pair of shoes to suit their everyday running or while they’re competing. Participants were treated to a  free bottle of coffee by ONO after they completed their 3km run, and had the chance to win great prizes from New Balance when they completed both the Infinity Speed Challenge and the FuelCell Treadmill Challenge by going the furthest distance in 3 minutes.

As you step into the New Balance mobile truck, a wide collection of New Balance’s all-new Fresh Foam and FuelCell shoe collection have been displayed and this includes the Fresh Foam X Morev4, 1080v12, 880v12, and Hierrov7. On the other hand, for the FuelCell collection, you can find the SuperComp Trainer, SuperComp Pacer, SuperComp Elite v3 and Rebel v3. The New Balance FuelCell shoes have been designed to give users the highest energy return underfoot experience and are engineered to run faster while the New Balance Fresh Foam range is engineered to run further and provides the best cushioning performance.

During the event, participants also got the chance to experience the Strength 101 workshop conducted by MotionLab. Strength 101 focused on building strength and mobility while testing out the functionality and cushioning of the Fresh Foam X 1080v12. The goal of this workshop was “to help people move better”.

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