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Since 1983, Technogym has been an innovator in the global fitness and wellness scene, continuously pushing the limits by striving to create an even more complete fitness experience that elevates the workouts for enthusiasts of any level. 

From the first iteration of the brand’s signature multi-gym home equipment, the Unica, to the first all-in-one bike with an integrated display, called Technogym Ride, Technogym has grown its fitness business into a holistic wellness movement that combines sleek design with technology.

Whether upgrading the home gym into a complete wellness haven or adding a fresh fit to the workout gear, the latest fitness innovations from Technogym can improve any wellness journey.

Train anywhere with a digital personal trainer with the Technogym App

Whether at home, at the gym, or even outdoors, the Technogym App is the must-have digital personal trainer, adapting any workout to every environment and any equipment. With over 700 workouts, including equipment and bodyweight exercises, the Technogym App features workouts tailored to the individual user and their journey, adapting to progress in real-time and helping to reach goals even faster.

Full of engaging content featuring routines from the top athletic trainers, the app offers endless training possibilities, from HIIT and boxing to stretching and yoga, with or without equipment. The app is perfect for Apple Watch users, monitoring heartbeat and calories with fast access to pause, end or resume workouts.

 Take the ride of a lifetime at home with Technogym Ride™

Instead of looking out the window with the same old view, Technogym Ride™ eliminates mundane at-home cycling sessions by transporting the cyclist to any destination far and wide. The first all-in-one bike, the Technogym Ride features an integrated 22” touchscreen display that offers the user an array of personalised popular training apps, such as Rouvy, Training Peaks, Strava, Netflix and Eurosports. With on-demand trainers and virtual reality outdoor tracks, cyclists need only to log in and start pedalling. With its slick design and compact size, the Technogym Ride complements any home gym.

 Run towards the new wellness goals with Technogym MyRun™

Despite its compact size, the Technogym MyRun™ delivers an excellent ratio between the running surface and its overall size. At 56.3 x 19.7 inches, the belt of the MyRun™ is suitable for even the longest legs, while this treadmill with an incline guarantees a good running or walking workout, all the while blending in perfectly with home decor. 

Achieve functional strength with at-home convenience with Technogym Bench™

To those seeking to get beach-body ready, the sleek and versatile Technogym Bench™ with dedicated storage holds all the tools to achieve that goal. The all-inclusive functional training kit empowers users to perform myriads of total body workouts, including elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat in a compact footprint. 

With a vision to encourage happier, healthier lives, Technogym seeks to balance technology and a holistic approach to life by finding new and innovative ways to add fitness to everyday life. Discover more about Technogym’s latest fitness innovations at https://www.technogym.com/my.

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