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This shoe stands out as the top pick for anyone in search of a fast training or race-day shoe that doesn’t feature a carbon plate.

The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 has become a go-to choice for injecting speed into daily runs, intervals, and speed workouts.

The version 4 maintains the essence of the Rebel while implementing significant enhancements for enhanced performance and comfort.


In 2024, New Balance has undergone significant updates to its FuelCell lineup.

Previously nitrogen-infused, the FuelCell foam now incorporates the advanced material PEBA, marking a substantial upgrade in performance and technology.The Rebel v4 introduces a novel PEBA and FuelCell blended foam midsole, boasting a higher stack height and broader platform.

This not only enhances protection and stability but also makes it well-suited for long-distance runs. Despite these upgrades, the energetic and bouncy nature of the midsole remains intact, ensuring ample speed and responsiveness.


A brand-new upper material, known as FANTOMFIT is found in the Rebel v4 which is also used in the SC Elite v4, features an ultra-thin mesh design by New Balance.

The FANTOMFIT upper boasts a race day-thin construction, ensuring exceptional breathability. We anticipate no concerns regarding overheating, even during intense workouts on scorching days.

Furthermore, the updated forefoot design offers increased spaciousness, accommodating wider foot shapes comfortably. With its sleek, futuristic appearance exuding speed and performance, the New Balance Rebel v4 is sure to captivate any runners seeking both style and functionality.


The outsole of this shoe is equipped with strategically placed rubber, covering key high-wear areas for decent durability and traction. While it may not excel in slippery conditions, and its durability may not be exceptional, it performs adequately for its intended purpose.

Overall, the Rebel v4 remains a standout choice in the uptempo training category, continuing to deliver the exceptional performance and versatility expected from this remarkable shoe.

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