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I’ve heard a lot about ANTA but wasn’t aware that the Chinese prominently known brand – ANTA offers a wide range of running shoes.

I was greatly pleased when ANTA Malaysia agreed to product seeding, so I had an opportunity to try out the latest A-Tron 2.0. Not only I was impressed with its affordable price, but also enchanted with its design and colorway.

To those of you who are new to running and want to start running on a constrained budget, you are good to go with the ANTA A-Tron 2.0!

The Upper

This time around, the upper of the ANTA A-Tron 2.0 is equipped with the elastic mash, which is designed around the outsole of the shoes to dynamically complement running.

Other than that, it features a 20-degree inclined lacing system, which serves the purpose to avoid high pressure and friction of the instep area for a more natural, comfortable fit, avoiding pressure points and discomfort.

The combination of the upper and lace gives this pair of running shoes more possibilities, effectively proofreading running posture, allowing different types of runners to run in different environments, at the same time, improving running efficiency.

The Midsole

The ANTA A-Tron 2.0 is made with an A-FLASH FOAM midsole, which gives you anti-shock protection and optimal rebound while running. The improved EVA foam is made lighter which creates the ultimate bounciness, and energy return, giving the shoes greater stability.

What is so great about the shoes is that the upgraded A-Tron is designed to minimize runners’ risks of injury. The midsole uses high-strength dual carbon tubes which help prevent your excessive midfoot collapse and protect you from common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Whether you are a heavy-weight runner, or a high-arch or low-arch runner, it has good compatibility and can obtain sufficient support and protection.

The Outsole

Last but not least, the ANTA A-Tron 2.0 has an arch-shaped outsole which helps secure a smooth transition. The parametric outsole is designed with anti-slip and anti-skid functions, adapting to various road conditions, which provides you with a safer running experience. The addition of gait guidance support will provide you with additional support when necessary.

In order to improve the runner’s safety and comfort, the shoes add a heel piece that follows human anatomy to fully support the heels. The adaptable heel piece also improves the cushioning and stability of the shoes, which makes running easier.

Overall Feeling

I have hit the road in the ANTA A-Tron 2.0 for a good 10-kilometer run.

Compared to the other running shoes that I wore previously, the A-Tron 2.0 is not especially lightweight, but I was intrigued by the comfort and cushioning of the shoes when running.

I had enough room in the toe box, at the same time a secure fit on the heel and midfoot. ANTA has seemingly made the A-Tron 2.0 my go-to running shoes, and overall, it did a great job in accomodating my feet. Once I started running, the shoes felt a lot softer and bouncier underfoot.

While it is not the lightest running shoe, it still maintains a sporty profile.

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