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The global pandemic has changed everyone’s daily lifestyle. Not only people are having to take precautionary measure when they go out, but also inevitably spending more time at home. During times like these, home fitness and DIY are two ideal activities for families to do together, stay physically active, and improve their immunity, at the same time add fun to life at home.

According to Google search data, the search for “Home Fitness” has dramatically increased since March. The sales of fitness equipment such as bicycles, dumbbells, and yoga mats have also been growing, alongside online fitness courses.

With the growing interest in home fitness, Taiwan Excellence showcased different trends: home strength training, aerobics, and cycling products.

Power analysis from TBS Group

What if you love cycling but cannot go out due to the lockdown in your country? The TBS Group has used smart technology to move cycling into your home. Power analysis is used to display your cadence, speed, and heart rate. Now you can train on your bike smartly at home and also burn fat effectively.

Conventional power meters are expensive, cumbersome and complicated. AROFLY is the size of a bottle cap and is easy to install. It is a lightweight, smart power meter. AROFLY is the perfect partner and complements the biker’s need for scientific training. A new generation, AROFLY ELITE, will meet the requirements of different cyclists.

Victory’s Shock-Absorbing Mat

This mat significantly reduces 37% of the vibration and 26% of the noise while lifting barbells. You no longer have to worry about bothering your neighbours while doing weight training at home.

Strength Master’s Cycle Boxer

The cardiopulmonary function is fundamental to good health. Strength Master’s cycle boxer has an entire set of built-in interactive boxing games that can simultaneously train brain response and improve cardiopulmonary function. This adds more fun to boxing alone!

Muscle strength training not only improves your physique, but also helps increase immunity. The cycle boxer also solves the problem that modern people have of not having time to exercise. Within 15 minutes, it manages to trains all the muscle groups and hand-eye coordination. After one’s exercise, it will also provide data such as strike accuracy, pedalling distance, total calories burned, and more, providing users with information so that they can work harder in the next workout.

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